Changes: JuniorTV Posterous is now JuniorTV!


It’s been 4 days (4 days!) since I’ve posted something on the site, which is very unusual, especially since many things surrounding the TV word took place in the last week. From America’s Got Talent’s big premiere bow, to the revival of Fear Factor, and the official announcement of Jane Lynch being this years Emmy host, I didn’t post anything as I would’ve in this fast news week. Why? Here’s some of the reasons why:

I’ve been working on a site facelift
It’s been a good while since I changed this site’s look. If you’ve been around for the changes, you’ve noticed that I like simplicity and design, and it’s still like that now, but with different color, and a slightly new logo, and I’ll get into that in a bit. The site will remain with a white background, with only the borders switching to a new light blue. Links will also be displayed in the light blue color.

The site has a (slightly) new name!
I’ve been asked why I added Posterous to the site’s name. Well, I just thought it was normal to name it like that since other social networking sites add their website names at the end of the accounts name, mostly in conversation. For example, you may say, “Jon’s Twitter” or “Jessica’s Facebook,” and I decided to make it “JuniorTV Posterous.” The thing is, my blog isn’t a social networking site, it’s a blog. It’s all of what I want, and even though Posterous is a great and useful part of that, the name should be completely mine. When I realized the error I’ve done this whole time, I decided to change the name from JuniorTV Posterous to simply JuniorTV. With it also comes a new logo, which is also light blue. So to make it official: JuniorTV Posterous is now JuniorTV. The link is still

I’ve always wanted to have banners to address a subject or feature. I’ve designed some to complement the websites look even further. They’re also blue and you’ll begin to see them

More coming soon!
In addition to these minor changes, I am planning more weekly features, but I’m going to wait until a really great idea comes up that blows me away. Nothing less. Countdowns will also be common, with one coming out today! I worked very hard on it, and I know you’ll all love it!


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