The 5 Best New Shows of the Summer


It’s been a stale and uneventful Fall season, with no new runaway hits hitting the schedule except NBC’s midseason musical hit The Voice. The networks also didn’t plan well with their summer schedule. It seems as if they’re taking a break this summer from all the madness, and leaving the competition to cable channels, which have been gaining ground significantly during the summer. Last year, USA was the winner of the summer, with then-freshman action series Covert Affairs helping fuel an already great lineup even further, averaging over 6 million viewers, an astonishing number for cable. TNT was close behind, landing in second for total-day viewers and had the highest-rated show (The Closer) and highest-rated new show (Rizzoli & Isles) last year.

All of the cable shows listed above are returning this summer, so don’t worry. But, if you’re looking for a new show to get addicted to, you’re in luck. A slew of new shows are going to premiere in the coming weeks, and I have the top 5 that you should watch. I looked all over the place and got all the new shows of the Summer, and I quickly started to sift through which where the best. I decided to choose only 5 for the summer, and had to cut some very promising shows, but kept the best in hand. Something that isn’t as shocking anymore is that only 1 broadcast show made the list; the rest were on cable. Also, most of them are scripted, with only 1 being a reality show. Are you ready to see the top 5? Here it is!

Note: The Top 5 will display in a countdown format, with the fifth best show appearing first and the best appearing at the bottom of the post.


5. Love In the Wild (NBC)

I was very cautious about putting this show in the top 5, mainly because it looks like it will lack quality, but which reality show does these days? This show is pretty self-explanatory: People are trying to find love in the wildest of scenarios, which for them happens to be in the jungles of Costa Rica. The promos for the show are giving it a goofy look to it, with many of the singles falling, slipping, and crashing their way to love. I still don’t know if I’ll like the show, but I will watch the first episode and see how similar it is to NBC’s previous jungle disaster I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here! Let’s hope it’s not. In any way.


4. Suits (USA Network)

This show is right up USA’s alley, and I’m very excited about it. A lawyer named Harvey Specter (played by Gabriel Macht) looks for a partner and he finds the best of the best, a guy named Mike Ross (played by Patrick J. Adams) but there’s one thing: The guy hasn’t gone to law school and never took the bar exam. Nonetheless, the guy is an academic genius, sucking up books like it’s drinking water. He also has incredible memory, and even though he isn’t certified, Ross knows everything there is to know about law. Count me in!


3. The Glee Project (Oxygen)

In what will be my first foray into the female-skewing network, the basic cable channel hopes to get all demographics (preferably adults 18-49 and kids 12-17) to watch their most high-profile show ever, based spinning-off of Fox’s pop culture phenomenon, Glee. The Glee Project is a reality competition series that aims to look for the next potential star of Fox’s hit musical/comedy. Just like any other competition, members will get eliminated and the last Gleek standing will get a guaranteed seven-episode stint on Glee and if they do well in those seven eps, who knows? They could also become a series regular. Get ready for sing-alongs and drama, just like Glee! Except this is a competition and it happens to air in the Summer.


2. Teen Wolf (MTV)

This striking new series is getting comparisons to The Vampire Diaries for all the good reasons. Scott (played by Tyler Posey) is a high school Sophomore that’s struggling like most to be popular and be in some kind of sport, but one day, that all changes. Scott gets bitten by a wolf in the woods one day and as he recovers, he notices that he isn’t the same as he was before. Before you know it, he realizes he’s a werewolf—oh, and he happens to be a teen. It’s bloody, gritty, and just what I want to see during the summer.


 1. Wilfred (FX)

Have you ever come across something so fresh, so original that it instantly becomes a must-see for you? When was the last time you discovered a revolutionary show? For me, it was two years ago, when Modern Family made its way to ABC’s lineup. Of all networks, FX is the channel to grab the next. Wilfred is a dark comedy about a man named Ryan (played by Elijah Wood) who is on the verge of suicide when an unlikely task is presented to him: dogsitting. The most shocking part of this is that when he sees the dog, he sees a man dressed in a big dog suit and can talk—but the rest of the world sees him as what he rightfully is: a dog. Not enticing yet? Watch the trailers, you’ll get hooked just off of that.

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