Most Wanted: Covert Affairs Uncovers the Top Spot


This week, we have tons of new summer shows premiering, and a special show is going big time. Also, a hip hop song is making an appearance for the first time. Can you think of what it is? Your answer is on the list, down below:

1. Covert Affairs – Season 2 Premiere

The show with the second-biggest splash of the season (behind TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles) returns with the sexy Piper Perabo doing what she does best: Kick Ass. In the second-season opener, Annie Walker juggles a new case while she tries to find Ben, who disappears at the beginning of the premiere. I saw both Rizzoli and Affairs, and the latter definitely entertained me more.

2. The Voice Live Shows

How long I have waited for this day… Well, since the premiere! Now, we get to decide who stays and who goes. This week, the judges will perform and so will the contestants, but we won’t get the results until next week, but after that, we will have performance shows and results shows leading up to the big finale. Can’t wait? Me either.

3. The Glee Project

A #3 choice on my top 5 shows of the summer (which can be found here) and on this list, this show is sure to at least open huge for Oxygen, and make a splash with Glee fans looking for something to watch in the summer blues. Including me!

4. Lil Wayne – How to Love

Now this is how you build hype for your new album. With Tha Carter IV delayed once again, this song will hopefully keep us patient for Weezy’s latest release. This slow, somber, but powerful song is already a favorite of mine. And if this is just a taste of what we can expect for the new album, then COUNT ME IN!

5. Switched at Birth – Series Premiere

I haven’t watched an ABC Family show since Kyle XY got my attention, then lost my interest after the first season. Now, ABC Family is launching a more realistic high-concept show with a slew of TV actresses from cancelled shows, like Vanessa Marano (Gilmore Girls), and Constance Marie (George Lopez). For some odd reason, I like it. It looks very well done, and it seems so real. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there might be a quality show on ABC Family(!)

That’s a wrap! Come back next week for an all-new Most Wanted List!

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