3 Shows That Premiere TONIGHT!


I looked at the TV listings (as I always do) and noticed that the summer television season is kicking up at a very fast pace.

Tonight, three shows premiere tonight, and two of those three are series premieres, so let’s break this down and catch you up before the shows hit the air tonight.

Keeping Up With the Kardashians (10 PM, E!)

The first of two E! shows premiering tonight, this veteran show will serve as a strong lead-in for E!’s next new show and according to all the promos, family will be the focus of the hit show’s sixth season. In tonight’s season premiere, Kim introduces a new boyfriend to the family, and Khloé starts to have doubts early on whether the guy is right for her. Also, Kourtney sets up a family get-together but as usual, things don’t go as planned. Typical Kardashians!

The Glee Project (8:00-10:09 PM, Oxygen)

Oxygen’s most dynamic endeavor is going to launch tonight, and I can’t wait for this show. It all starts with the search (1 audition show) and it quickly begins cutting people the same night. These kids give it their all to get a seven-episode run on Fox’s hit-show, Glee. I have two words for you: WATCH IT!

Ice Loves Coco (10:30 PM, E!)

It’s about time Coco has gotten a reality show! She and her husband [Law & Order: SVU star] Ice-T are going to let cameras inside their lives with yet another reality series for E! It should have a big start (it has KUWTK as it’s lead-in as I mentioned before) and Coco has a huge male fan base, which E! is severely lacking. But at the same time, that’s not their target audience.

Which will you watch? Will you watch the Kardashians season premiere? Will you see Coco show her [ass]ets for the first time? Will you will you tune into The Glee Project? Or will you watch all three? Each show is on a different time, so knock yourself out!


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