Most Wanted: Wilfred Sneaks Up to #1


This week, another wave of new shows are set to premiere, and an animated film that I’m very excited about. Also, there’s an award show that is holding it’s inaugural ceremony, and it lands on the list. All that and more on this weeks list, down below!

1. Wilfred – Series Premiere (FX)

FX’s latest comedy is a dark one, but will hopefully provide many laughs when it debuts this week. If you remember, this was my #1 new show to look out for this Summer, and I’m hoping it lives up to that position. Elijah Wood plays a neurotic man on the verge of suicide when an unlikely creature comes and helps out. Want to see what happens? Watch it this week.

2. Cars 2

Pixar’s latest effort is a sequel to what has been referred to as the least-strong of the movie studio’s films, but they are aiming to change all that with an improved storyline and Disney Digital 3D to give it an all-around great experience. Early reviews are strong, and by Friday, it should be one of the best reviewed animated films of the year.

3. Critic’s Choice TV Awards

The inaugural ceremony, hosted by Cat Deeley, was held today and it’s interesting who the winners were. Why “were”? Because I haven’t seen the list of winners or the ceremony whatsoever. ReelzChannel will air the show, but you can watch it early online.

4. Suits – Series Premiere

USA is staying strong as far as having character based legal dramas on their schedule, and Suits is a welcome addition to it’s lineup. Suits is like the lawyer version of White Collar (another USA show) and that outsider isn’t a world-class con man, but a smart, non-bar certified college dropout.

5. The Killing Fallout

What the hell happened? Why wasn’t the murder solved? And why the hell did it end this way?! I demand some answers, and I can’t believe it ended so poorly, basically giving the middle-finger to loyal viewers.

That’s a wrap! Come back next week for an all-new Most Wanted List!

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