Most Wanted: Google+ Invites


This week, I’m posting my first Most Wanted List on WordPress! Some things to look out for is a new social networking site (I think you know what I’m talking about.) And that’s it. Why? It’s the Fourth of July weekend, and I decided to take a smaller workload on the list. I’ll have a full 5-topic list next week, but for this week, here’s our sole #1!

1. Google+

Google’s latest social networking effort is the most promising one yet, and it’s right up the alley that everyone has predicted: it’s the anti-Facebook, even though it’s just like it. The introduction of Google+ was very sudden, and everyone wanted to at least try out the newest thing. so many people signed up, that Google had to shut off invites, and for Google to be getting too much demand, that says a lot about interesting Google+ is to consumers. If you want to join, it’s in an early private beta, and invites are currently closed, but definitely keep trying daily and follow Google’s blog and twitter account.

For this week, it’s a wrap! Make sure you come next Monday for a full version of The Most Wanted List!

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