News Corp’s Disaster Week: News of the World Shut Down


This week ends as one of Rupert Murdoch and son James’ worst, with the long-running newspaper/tabloid The News of the World shutting down after 168 years.

A series of scandals have plagued the already discredited tabloid, but a massive phone-hacking scandal (reportedly over 4000 mobile phones) seems to have been the breaking point for News Corporation, owner of NOW. News Corp. Deputy COO James Murdoch delivered the news to NOW staff alongside former editor Rebekah Brooks, whom staffers say is responsible for corruption at the troubled brand.

Brooks is a confidant for the Murdoch’s and is being heavily guarded and defended by them, and they are still defending her during this scandal. Here’s what James Murdoch said in an interview just yesterday with BBC Television: “She has a good standard of ethics and her leadership is the right thing for the company. It’s her leadership that has really got to grips with this whole period in the company’s history.” According to Sky News, she told employees “You may be angry with me, I understand, but I’m angry with the people who did this [hacking] and feel bitterly betrayed.”

Meanwhile, dozens of NOW staffers are out of jobs and Andy Coulson, former employee of British Prime Minister David Cameron, was just arrested on phone hacking and corruption charges. When asked about hiring Coulson, Cameron said “I decided to give him a second chance. The decision to hire him was mine and mine alone and I take full responsibility.” A public inquiry has begun on the company. The final edition of The News of the World will be released on Sunday.

Story still developing…

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