Most Wanted: Emmy Nominations and Friday Night Lights Finale!


I had a very difficult time choosing this weeks top spot, and it truly sucks that they happen in the same week. Since I only post things that occur on that week, this marks the first time that I have a tie on the list! This of course won’t happen often, but there’s a first for everything. Other things on the list include a very historic film opening/closing, another Summer TV premiere, and an iOS game I can’t stop playing. Also, since it’s a tie, I will technically have 4 slots, but it will have 5 topics, it’s just that two of them are on one number. With all that said, here’s the list!

1. Emmy Nominations and Friday Night Lights Series Finale

First, I’ll start with Emmy nominations, and I can’t wait until Thursday! We’ll find out who got nominated, who didn’t, and we’ll also find out who got a surprise non and who got snubbed. Could Joel McHale get a nom for Community? Will Ed O’Neill finally get some love from the academy? We’ll have to wait and find out this Thursday when the Emmy nominations are announced!

Next: The Series Finale of Friday Night Lights, and I couldn’t be more sad about it. I’ll be doing a full-length post later this week on the FNL, but this show is so incredible, so real, that I can’t believe it didn’t catch on. It first matter though, five seasons is an incredible amount of time for a show like this to last, although I would’ve like it to last 10 or more seasons. Get ready to cry, because this one is for the record books. Friday Night Lights ends it’s run this Friday at 8PM on NBC.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

This film opening effectively ends the decade-long franchise that reinvigorated the book industry and brought a world of imagination to millions of readers, parents and children alike. J.K. Rowling’s adventure of the little boy who could has broken records across the board, from being one of the best-selling books of all time, to being the most successful film franchise ever, surpassing over $6 Billion in ticket sales. I honestly can’t see a franchise being so big ever again, so congrats, Harry, and thank you.

3. Rizzoli & Isles – Season Premiere

Yes, Jane and Maura are back! The biggest new hit of Summer 2010 returns with some answers regarding the shooting of Jane in last season’s finale. Did she survive? I’m certain of it. But the real question is how she changed after the shooting. Make sure you watch to get some answers tonight on TNT!

4. Tiny Tower – iPhone/iPod touch

I can’t tell you how addicted I am to this game. I can’t stop checking in to see how many coins I earned while I was gone. In this game, you basically own a building where you add apartments and stores where your tenants can work at, and as your businesses develop, you earn money and with that money, you can add additional floors, eventually making a big tower that’s crazy busy and a huge money maker. As of today, I have 11 floors (which isn’t big by any means) and a little north of 40,000 coins. If you want to add me as a friend on Game Center, add me! My username is [take a wild guess:] JuniorTV.

That’s a wrap for this week! If nothing unexpectedly crazy happens next week, I will have 5 topics next Monday. Until then, thanks for reading The Most Wanted List!

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