Thank You, ‘Friday Night Lights’ It All Ends TONIGHT After 5 Seasons


It’s here. After 5 seasons, 76 episodes, and countless tears, Friday Night Lights will end it’s run tonight. I originally didn’t watch the first 3 seasons, but with extensive reading and watching, I was all caught up and ready for original episodes. As soon as I began watching season 4 over the summer, I was blown away. It’s so realistic, raw, and intensively emotional. You love and understand every single character, even when they enter the dark side. The storylines are so perfect, I am truly doubtful that I’ll ever see a better character driven drama.

I hope that more people discover it for the gem of a show that it is, and how it set a new standard for television. It never used any glitzy new technology or supernatural elements, and it still came out a winner. I couldn’t be more pleased with the Emmy nominations given this year, with Friday Night Lights finally getting a nomination for Outstanding Drama Series. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton also got a nomination, and the show itself got a nomination for Outstanding Writing. Although I doubt the academy will ultimately give the award to the show or it’s performers, I still have hope that they will.

I want to thank NBC for keeping this show on the air and also to DirecTV, who helped keep the show on longer than it would’ve lasted. Their support throughout the show has been nothing but strong, and it paid off. As the lights go out, it will leave with pride and a legacy that will never be forgotten in the history of television. Thanks for these 5 television-defying seasons. One last time, let’s say the shows legendary saying:

“Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!”

Goodbye, Friday Night Lights.

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