10 Years Ago

10 Years Ago, my life changed. Your life changed. The world changed. Has it been for better or for worse? I’d say a mixture of both.

10 Years Ago, it was a beautiful Tuesday morning in New York City. I was in class. I went to lunch, and I saw my teachers crying, and I didn’t know why. I eventually heard my name, and felt a tug of my arm. My mother came to pick me up early from school. What was going on? As I left, many other kids and parents were leaving the school as well. I am still clueless.

10 Years Ago, I arrive home to a television where two towers are standing and one of them is burning. I asked my mom where that was, and she said it was right here in the city. I immediately opened my window, thinking I could see the tower from my Bronx apartment. Even though I couldn’t, the smell of smoke was as clear as that Tuesday morning itself. I went back to my television where I attentively watched at 7 years old, the terror that was occurring. I continued to watch, as the other tower got hit, and eventually collapsed. Those images will never leave my brain.

10 Years Ago, I thought that the world was a peaceful and sound place. Wars were a thing of the past. Boy was I wrong. If I want to accomplish anything with this, it will be to say thank you to everyone. The firefighters, the victims, the ones who fought back. Everyone. We live in a world where security is a top priority, and even though that may not always be a positive, it opened our eyes to the real world. One thing that I’d like back as well as those that we lost is the patriotism and bond that our country had after the attacks. Everyone was so humble and loving, I honestly never see us getting to a point like that. The only moment we get even close to that is when we remember what happened 10 Years Ago.

We will never forget.

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