Dr. Oz Begins Oprah-esque Syndication This Fall

The doctor is in. For a long time.

The new Fall season begins today for the major networks, as well as the syndication market. Your favorite Daytime shows like ‘Judge Judy’, ‘Jeopardy’, and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ are airing brand-new episodes. Also, a new show enters the landscape, Anderson Cooper’s ‘Anderson’. Daytime television is going to go through some very tough times, entering it’s first year without Oprah Winfrey on the air in 25 years.

Even though Oprah isn’t on the air, she’s still banking in on the syndication market. Shows like ‘The Dr. Oz Show’, ‘The Nate Burkus Show’, and ‘Rachael Ray’ are all produced under Winfrey’s Harpo Productions. The most successful show of the three, ‘Dr. Oz’, is due to take Winfrey’s slot this Fall, which means that Dr. Oz will get the full-exposure and best times out there, presumably the 4PM timeslot before the local 5 o’clock news. It’ll be interesting to see the early ratings for all the new talk shows without Oprah. Expect to see a bruised Daytime landscape for a while. At least, until ABC attempts to save Daytime with Katie Couric. We’ll see.


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