Big Brother 13 Winner Revealed

UPDATE: The winner is announced in bold at the bottom of this post. The text immediately before this was analysis posted before the show.
This Summer has been a hectic one for Big Brother. With the addition of past cast members this season, everyone thought that there would be two major alliances: the past members (called the veterans) and new members (named newbies). The first week marked a blow to the newbies, as Rachel (from season 12) won the first head of household competition and put up newbies Keith and Porsche, with Keith eventually being evicted. The season eventually dragged on with the veterans winning non-stop for the first couple of weeks until the newbies managed to win. It’s been a cat-and-mouse game since then, and it was basically split down the middle until last week, when Jordan was eliminated. This season’s final three ended up becoming Rachel (Veteran), Porsche (Newbie), and Adam (Newbie). With all that said, who will get the $500,000 dollars and be crowned the winner? I can’t see Adam winning by any means, because if you’ve seen this season, Adam can’t win anything for his life so it’s basically between Rachel and Porsche. To see who has the best chance of winning, you’ll have to look at the jury. Brendon was the inaugural member, then came Daniele. Jeff was eliminated that same night, and then Shelly followed the next week. Kalia was eliminated two weeks ago, and Jordan just left last week. If you were to compare the alliances to the final two, that would be three votes for Rachel and three votes for Porsche! Who’s the tiebreaker? It’ll be the first person eliminated tonight, who I predict to be Adam. Who will he vote for? I have no idea, but what a close vote this season will be! Come back at 11PM to find out who won!

UPDATE: The Winner is Rachel Reilly, with Porsche Briggs being the runner-up.

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