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Big Brother 13 Winner Revealed

UPDATE: The winner is announced in bold at the bottom of this post. The text immediately before this was analysis posted before the show.
This Summer has been a hectic one for Big Brother. With the addition of past cast members this season, everyone thought that there would be two major alliances: the past members (called the veterans) and new members (named newbies). The first week marked a blow to the newbies, as Rachel (from season 12) won the first head of household competition and put up newbies Keith and Porsche, with Keith eventually being evicted. The season eventually dragged on with the veterans winning non-stop for the first couple of weeks until the newbies managed to win. It’s been a cat-and-mouse game since then, and it was basically split down the middle until last week, when Jordan was eliminated. This season’s final three ended up becoming Rachel (Veteran), Porsche (Newbie), and Adam (Newbie). With all that said, who will get the $500,000 dollars and be crowned the winner? I can’t see Adam winning by any means, because if you’ve seen this season, Adam can’t win anything for his life so it’s basically between Rachel and Porsche. To see who has the best chance of winning, you’ll have to look at the jury. Brendon was the inaugural member, then came Daniele. Jeff was eliminated that same night, and then Shelly followed the next week. Kalia was eliminated two weeks ago, and Jordan just left last week. If you were to compare the alliances to the final two, that would be three votes for Rachel and three votes for Porsche! Who’s the tiebreaker? It’ll be the first person eliminated tonight, who I predict to be Adam. Who will he vote for? I have no idea, but what a close vote this season will be! Come back at 11PM to find out who won!

UPDATE: The Winner is Rachel Reilly, with Porsche Briggs being the runner-up.

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Most Wanted: The VMAs!


Finally! We’re back to normal. Sorry guys, I took a small break from the site and had some much-needed lazy time. It’s all over now, but it’s cool, because this week’s list is a good one! We have a big award show taking place this week (NOT THE EMMYS!) and some noteworthy shows & flicks, including a sneak peek at a new MTV series, and a funny new comedy opening this weekend. Let’s get to it! Here’s the list!

1. MTV Video Music Awards

The VMAs are here! The hostless event, taking place this Sunday, is sure to please many, as the performing lineup is so broad, you could mistake it for the Grammys. Adele (ADELE!), Bruno Mars (BRUNO MARS!), Lady Gaga (GAGA!), Lil Wayne (WAYNE!), Chris Brown, and Young the Giant(GIANT!) are set to perform, and who knows? Maybe more might perform! Something always happens at this awards show, what will this years show bring? Whatever it is, you’ll find it here!

2. The Glee Project Finale

How perfect was it?! Happy ending that satisfied everyone. It was so great! Go Samuel, Damian, Lindsay and Alex!

3. I Just Want My Pants Back – Sneak Peek

This new MTV series still has a while to go until it officially premieres, but viewers will get a taste of this new romantic drama right after the VMAs. The show is about two young lovers in Brooklyn and their relationship. Will it soar or will it crumble? We’ll find out right after the big show.

4. Big Brother

Another twist hits the Big Brother house as Jeff becomes the first male to win Head of Household, and he (SPOILER ALERT!) puts up Kalia and Porsche. The thing is, if Danielle wins the Power of Veto and saves one of them, she could be put up on the block instead. On top of that, there’s a double elimination this week! So much drama!

5. Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People

Do I hear the song of the Summer? Yes, this is it. Download it now!

That’s a wrap! Come back next week, where I’ll show my love for an incredible publication, and a hilarious-looking show makes it’s premiere! That’s all for this week’s edition of the Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted: ‘The Hour’ is nearing!

I’m still in safe mode, and I can’t wait for things to go back to normal. Until then, this list will have to (minimally) do. Here’s the list!

1. The Hour – Series Premiere

2. Teen Wolf – Season Finale

3. Big Brother

4. Jersey Shore

5. Katy Perry

That’s a wrap! You can lookup all of these topics on Google News and see what all they hype is about regarding all of them. Sorry about the delay, I’ll be sure to have a full-featured list next Monday! Come back next week for a freshly new Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted: ‘Friends with Benefits’ Tops the List!


This week, a movie finally tops the list in this rather slow week, even though there were are a couple of television premieres this week. I also wanted to add a show that has me unexpectedly addicted, and I think you should watch too. Without further interruption, here’s the list!

1. Friends with Benefits

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis’ latest flick seems to be the usual romantic comedy, and sounds basically identical to Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman’s ‘No Strings Attached,’ but this one is different: they look like they have true chemistry. Early reviews of the film are very positive, citing the chemistry and punchlines toward rom-com stereotypes. This film is looking like a comedy winner, just like another comedy that hit the silver screen this year (Bridesmaides).

2. Degrassi: Now or Never – Season 11 Premiere

The long-running cult hit returns to the states on TeenNick, where it begins fresh off it’s first Emmy nomination. I tuned out after the telenovela-themed season that occurred last summer, but the weekday theme is back! I usually catch up (a marathon of the fall season is airing all day today on TeenNick) and anyone can jump right in, and this will tackle previous generation’s issues, including a pregnancy. Season 11 premieres tonight at 9PM on TeenNick.

3. Jersey Shore Italy (Season 4) Sneak Peek!

Ready to see Snooki crash—on a cop car?! Or what about a possible fight between The Situation and Ronnie? Well, you might get a glimpse as MTV will air the first trailer for Season 4 of Jersey Shore tonight during a new episode of the newly-renewed Teen Wolf.

4. Awkward. – Series Premiere

MTV has has tried so hard to score with a teen audience to have the next cult hit, and the closest they’ve gotten to it is the previously mentioned show above (Jersey Shore). Their latest scripted effort was poorly marketed, but could deliver an audience over time, but the shows future is still unclear, and it hasn’t even premiered yet. All you need to know is that there is a female lead, and that it takes place in a high school, just like every other teenage scripted drama.

5. Big Brother

I always looked at this show as a dumb, poorly made reality show, and maybe it still is (what’s with those 1999 graphics?) but it’s insanely addicting. In all the TV I watch, I still find time for this show, which airs twice a week. There’s constant backstabbing, alliances, and everything I loved about Survivor back in it’s prime. It aired last night, and the live (yes, live!) elimination will take place this Wednesday at 8PM on CBS.

That’s a wrap! Come back next week for an all new Most Wanted List!

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