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ABC Fall Schedule


It was ABC’s turn to reveal its schedule ahead of its upfront this afternoon in New York City. With it, they unveiled over 13 news that will premiere in the Fall and midseason. Among them, the high-profile action series ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and the new comedy from Tim Allen, now titled ‘Last Man Standing,’ and will air on Thursday and Tuesday nights, respectively. Right after the Tim Allen comedy will premiere another laffer, ‘Man Up,’ confirming what many have predicted to happen: A second ABC Comedy block. Two new shows will premiere on Wednesday nights, one right before ‘Modern Family,’ (Suburgatory) and a drama right after Happy Endings(Revenge.) But wait, what happened to Cougar Town? ABC has actually held the Courtney Cox comedy until the midseason, premiering after ‘Dancing With the Stars’ ends next year. Usually, midseason shows don’t get full season pickups, but ‘Town’ was picked up for a full 22-episode season, so CT fans rejoice! Only one change has come to Fridays, with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition being moved from Sunday nights to Friday nights, and Saturday nights are filled with College football. Finally, a big change to Sundays, with 2 new dramas being added to save the troubled night, with veteran drama ‘Desperate Housewives’ aging with every passing season. Fantasy drama ‘Once Upon A Time’ airs at 8 on Sundays, and drama/thriller ‘Pan Am’ will air right after ‘Housewives’ at 10 PM.

Just as I’ve done on my other schedule posts, here’s how the Fall schedule will look like on your TV listings, from Entertainment Weekly.

(Once again, thanks EW.com!)


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New Study Finds Republicans and Democrats Favorite TV Shows; and They’re Surprising

A new study was released and it asked Republicans and Democrats which television shows they watch, and the results are pretty split when it comes to viewers.

The study, which was conducted by media-research company Experian Simmons, asked people their favorite shows, cable or broadcast, then asked what political party they belonged to. They put an average of how many people liked the show in the party’s respective color and the number of the opposing party in parenthesis. Non-surprisingly, the top show for both parties were political news programs. For Republicans, the #1 show for them was Glenn Beck. On the other side, the Democrats chose Countdown with Keith Olbermann as their most popular show. Glenn Beck, which is on the Fox News Channel, is loved by conservatives and Countdown with Keith Olbermann, which airs on MSNBC, is obviously adored by liberals as seen by the fallout from Olbermann’s suspension.

Something that surprised me was that all of the shows loved by Republicans are the highest rated on television, and the shows loved by Democrats are critically acclaimed but get pretty low ratings. The most popular shows for Republicans are Amazing Race, Modern Family, American Idol, and V. All but V are super-hits for their respective networks, with American Idol being the most popular show on television.

Democrats on the other hand, have pretty good taste with TV shows. Most of the shows on their most popular list are critically acclaimed but are either in cable or are struggling in the ratings. The runner-up on their list to Countdown is the Emmy Award winning Drama Mad Men (which has won for Outstanding Drama 3 years in a row) and Showtime’s Dexter coming in at third. It also seems like Democrats have a thing for the Kardashians as Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami makes the list at a surprisingly high 4th place. Other shows that are critically loved but get tiny numbers are 30 Rock, Friday Night Lights, and Breaking Bad. 

The only show that got the same amount of viewers from both Republicans and Democrats is ABC’s Desperate Housewives which got both 116 Democrats and Republican’s liking. The show got the 10th spot on the Republican’s list but was edged out of the Democrats list by Breaking Bad which was #20 on the list. One surprise for me was that Modern Family was rated so high for Republicans even though it has a gay couple (which are also lead characters) on the show. Republicans also seem to love CBS; 6 of the shows made their list, compared to no CBS shows being on the Democrat’s list. In comparison, the Democrats had 4 NBC shows (FNL included) and the Republicans had no NBC shows that made it to the top 20. 

Here’s the list of the top 20 shows for both Democrats and Republicans (Courtesy – The Hollywood Reporter)


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