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Ross Mathews Signs a Talk Show Deal


Ross Mathews is (finally) getting his own talk show.

Mathews has signed a development and talent deal at E! Entertainment, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The deal includes development for a new talk show and locks in his presence as a personality for the cable network. He has been a regular on many E! Shows, including Chelsea Handler’s late-night show, Chelsea Lately and has co-hosted E!’s flagship award show, Live from the Red Carpet. The Mathews talk show will be made under Handler’s production company, Borderline Amazing.

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2 days, 2 E! ‘True Hollywood Story’ specials


It’s been a while since E! aired new specials of it’s long-running documentary series True Hollywood Story, and they seldom air new episodes within months. Oddly, this week will include 2 specials: 1 is brand new and the other is an extension of an old one.

Tonight, E! is giving Jersey Shore’s Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi her own True Hollywood Story in a one hour special that will include friends from the show (Vinny, Sammi, J-Woww) and family members. As I mentioned in my Most Wanted List post, she’s only been on the radar for less than 20 months and has already gotten the THS treatment.

The following day will have the update of the True Hollywood Story of Amy Winehouse. The original special aired back in 2008 and will be updated with important events from that point to her death last week. Speaking of Winehouse, MTV will air a special tribute concert tomorrow at 6:30PM, which includes the late singer performing a concert back in her prime for the cable network.

THS: Snooki airs tonight at 10PM and THS: Amy Winehouse will air tomorrow night at the same time slot.

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Most Wanted: Google+ back on top!


This week, I have to admit a regretful week, and that was last week. Had I known, I would’ve put Comic-Con 2011 as the #1 thing to look out for. Unfortunately, the dates where screwed up in my head and I thought that the convention would be held at a later date. Still, it was a decent list with Friends with Benefits on top. Why? Because Mila Kunis is AMAZING. Anyway, this week we see a lot of new “specials” and A recent #1 pick come back on top as well as one of my favorite artists ever. Without further interruption, here’s the list! Down below…

1. Google+

Google’s fledging social network has been in a “private field beta” for nearly a month now, and if the reports are true, it should go public by the end of this week. Mashable is reporting that Google will delete all private Google+ profiles on July 31st, and that will also be the date for the public opening of Google+. Whether Mashable is correct in their reporting is still to be discovered, I do trust them, and hopefully Google will open it by this Sunday. Us teens haven’t been able to go on Google+ since Google has put an age limit of 18 to use the site.

2. True Hollywood Story: Snooki

I am still amazed and quite frustrated as to why Chelsea Handler hasn’t gotten the True Hollywood treatment, and even more amazed that after only 18 months of sudden fame, Snooki from MTV’s Jersey Shore has, and that THS: Snooki will air this Wednesday at 10. I’m not complaining though, it should be an entertaining hour, and you have to admit, it’s a pretty crazy story—so it’s perfect for E!

3. Adele iTunes Festival London EP

The 2011 iTunes Festival is winding down, but I’ve already considered it over, since Adele has already attended. Her performance was nothing short of incredible, with spot-on vocals and teasingly-funny banter with the crowd. The songs performed have now made their way to iTunes in a six-song EP, which includes a never-performed cover “I Cant Make You Love Me” and live performances of songs from her latest album, 21.

4. Tabloid

This documentary comes right off the heels of the massive News of the World phone-hacking scandal, and it’s having tremendous success on the critical side. The film focuses on a 70s celeb who falls under the pressure and lights of the paparazzi and tabloids, all while being crazy in love, which ends up destroying her career. As I mentioned before, the film has been getting rave reviews and has a smitten 89% on Rotten Tomatoes.

5. My Birthday

Although I think that this will be the worst in recent memory, I will hopefully have I nice cake and eat the entire thing myself (I love cake).

That’s a wrap! Come back next week for a fresh, new Most Wanted List!

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Special Edition Most Wanted: The Oprah Finale


This is the most important Most Wanted List to date, and you know why. This week, something historic will happen. So historic, it will change television and media overall forever. Daytime will never be the same again without her, and this week, she takes the top spot by a mile. More details below, but we also will see a plethora of finales and premieres this week. So large, in fact, that I decided to double the amount of things that are Most Wanted this week to 10. How’s that for a special edition?! The list is down below:

1. The Oprah Winfrey Show – Series Finale

It’s the end of an era. After almost 5,000 shows and millions of lives changed, Oprah is saying goodbye to her daily talk show on Wednesday and with it comes sadness for her dedicated fans (me included.) For the past 4 years, which have been the most important for me growing up (from 12 to now 16,) I have watched Oprah and if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t even be remotely interested in the television world. She set an example of how the medium of television is so powerful and how far you can go in this world. In this judgmental world, Oprah was my only escaping alternate dimension where I learned to be an open-minded person, and I owe any humility I have to her. My absolute favorite moment on the Oprah show was when she reunited Clemantine and Claire Wamariya with their family after they were torn apart from the Rwandan genocide. It gives me chills every time I watch that episode, and I well definitely never forget it. Make sure you watch these final three shows! Check your local listings if you don’t already know when Oprah airs in your area. Especially watch the final Oprah Winfrey Show this Wednesday.

2. American Idol

For American Idol, a completely revamped judge panel and format worked for the better, and everyone is calling it a comeback. This season has started with hundreds of thousands of contestants, and it all comes down to the final two: Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. The youngest final two ever are sure to bring a large audience this Wednesday, and a record number of votes. In recent seasons, the winners haven’t made it big. But this year the winner is sure to make a splash on the charts, if America gets it right, which I think will happen this year.

3. The Hangover Part II

Two years after the record-breaking comedy made it’s way to theaters, the guys are doing it again. This time it’s Stu, and you know it’s going to be crazy when you see a facial tattoo freshly imprinted around Stu’s eye. Problem is, that could stop the movie from coming out. Hopefully it won’t, but who knows what might happen at today’s hearing in Missouri. If the plaintiffs request for an injunction is denied, everything should be fine for The Hangover’s release this Friday.

4. Modern Family Season Finale

Another hilarious season ends with the family trying to surprise Jay with a birthday party, Phil meets an enemy from college, and Cam gets in some trouble at a bakery. You know, the typical craziness? The producers must have something special in store for this Wednesday’s finale, and you should definitely tune in.

5. Glee Season Finale

The most expensive Glee episode to-date airs tonight, and it happens to be the finale episode. New Directions makes it’s way to the New York City to make a splash at the nationals which are being held in the city. Will they win? And how is all the drama from this past season going to end? Tune in to find out!

6. The Middle Season Finale

The stellar second season ends with uncertainty that that Brick may be held back. Frankie does all she can to help Brick and keep the family from going over the edge as usual. Expect the ever-present craziness from Sue and Axl to also be a main point in this sweet and quirky comedy starring Patricia Heaton.

7. The Event Series Finale

A bumpy freshman run was all The Event got, and the disappointing show is ending tonight with an uncertain future. Will ‘The Event’ happen? If it does, when will it happen? And most of all: WHAT THE HELL IS THE EVENT?!

8. Kung Fu Panda 2

This hilarious animated comedy is back and will hopefully be better than the already great original. Word is that DreamWorks wants to make this a 6-Picture adventure. They’ll have to keep it fresh if they want to stretch it out that long. Either way, early reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and this movie’s sure to earn big bucks this Thursday.

9. Dancing With the Stars Finale

I truly thought that Kirstie Alley was going to get kicked-off in the opening week, and now she’s in the final two. Boy was I wrong! Alley and Chelsea Kane will dance all the way to the mirror ball trophy this Tuesday, which is probably very dusty right about now.

10. Chelsea Lately

Even with all these shows and movies, this hilarious late-night show has crept it’s way back into the list with a great week of guests. Tonight, American Idol Judge Randy Jackson makes his way on the show for what I believe will be the first time. You think that’s big? Wait later in the week for even more big TV and movie stars from shows like Glee and movies like The Hangover!

Wow! Isn’t it packed?! This is going o be one hell of a week! Here’s another reminder to make sure you watch the Oprah Finale this Wednesday Come back next week for an all-new Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted: Thor Reigns the List!


I am once again deeply sorry for the delay, lots of things have been going on and I have just come around to typing up this list. This week, a major picture that has been murdering the box office internationally will debut on Friday, and it looks like it will make a big splash, just like Fast Five did just this past weekend. Also, and artist, and a show that has been on the list will be on, because they’re both that frickin’ good. Before you start drooling, here’s the list!

1. Thor

The Marvel classic has finally made it’s way to the silver screen and will probably do so with a bang. Critics are raving the superhero thriller, starring Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. If you want an action packed adventure and you need something to watch after seeing Fast Five last weekend, this should be at the GOP of your list, and that’s why it’s on mine.

2. Adele

This Pop/Soul goddess has been ruling my iPod since I added her latest album, 21, in February. Now everyone has gotten to their senses and are hearing her incredible music along with me, with her latest single “Rolling In The Deep” hitting an astonishing #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Yes, THE HOT 100! never did I think that music of this kind would become so popular with so many people, and the news gets even better: She might hit #1 this week!

3. The Voice

The first episode blew the minds of millions, and we’re expecting the same for episode 2, which airs tonight. Get ready! This may be NBC’s first smash hit since the Comcast takeover.

4. ‘Judas’ Music Video

The song may not be so original (sounds just like ‘Bad Romance’ to me) but the video should be a work of art, just like every other Gaga production. The video will debut exclusively on May 5th on E! At. 7 and 11:30.

5. Mob Wives

I never thought I would get into such a trashy show (but then again, I watch Jersey Shore) but this show is so addictive, you’ll be glued to the screen, even though the theme song is horrifically unbearable.

That’s a wrap! Join me next week for a freshly new Most Wanted List!

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It’s Finally Here: Khloé & Lamar Premieres TONIGHT on E!


It seems like an eternity since it’s announcement, or reports of it being picked up, but it’s finally here. E!’s Khloé & Lamar is premiering tonight at 10 on E! and it should be a fun premiere. Usually, the Kardashian season premieres aren’t explosive, but the shows does build up to something big by the end of their seasons. If you remember, the announcement of Khloé & Lamar was the final blog post of mine for 2010 in this very website. You can read the post here

As I mentioned in my last blog post of 2010, the show is going to follow their lives in a newlywed-ish format but at the same time, it will stay in the Kardashian roots by the crazy sexual and vulgar talk that the Kardashian sisters (especially Khloé) love to say. The promos for the show don’t give too much away, expect that Khloé says that you learn the craziest things about your spouse when you get married after just a month of knowing one another. They also showed some moments where Khloé isn’t happy and cries because she doesn’t like arguing with her husband, who if you haven’t already heard of, is NBA Lakers star Lamar Odom.

Make sure you give it a try. The series premiere of Khloé & Lamar premieres tonight at 10 on E!

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Most Wanted List: The Soup Awards!


(Image Credit: GQ)

I love this weeks #1, and I’m so excited to have a reason to give it the top spot! Also, the Midseason premieres are slowly coming to an end, but I’ve got one show premiering this week, and a game system has made the list for the first time! Without further interruptions, here’s the list!

1. The Soup Awards

Week after week, I laugh at the ridiculous shows that TV has to offer, and it’s just for that week! Also, it’s all put together in a fast paced half hour that will keep you cracking up from start to end. E!’s The Soup is one of the longest running series in the show’s history, and is showing no signs of letting up anytime soon. It’s hosted by the hilarious comedian/actor who is also starring on NBC’s Community, Joel McHale and this Friday, their annual Soup Awards will air and it’s sure to have many surprise stars hilariously accepting their awards. I can’t wait!

2. Body of Proof

Dana Delany has had her rough patches in the last few years, but she’s now been given a starring role on a new Drama that was pretty much tailored for her. ABC’s Body of Proof (premiering this Tuesday) will air it’s pilot at the 10 PM hour and it follows a medical examiner (Delany) as they investigate the death of a jogger and the pissed off staff members at the morgue that don’t like her attitude. Will we see cat fights? You’ll have to wait and see.

3. Nintendo 3DS

It’s been over 7 years since a true revamp of Nintendo’s handheld devices, and it’s newest gem is finally here. The Nintendo 3DS has only been out for a day here in North America and is Amazon’s best selling game system of all time and preorders for the 3DS are double what the Wii had back when it was handling preorders in 2006. Reviews are glowing on the new handheld, and get this: It’s already on track to become the best-selling game system of ALL TIME!

4. Presidential Address

There are a lot of people that are not paying attention to the situation in Lybia, and that is just stupid thinking on their part. This could be our next war, so just think of it that way—it’s that serious. President Obama will give a short primetime address tonight, it will of course air throughout many networks, broadcast and cable, and it’s only about 20 minutes, so please tune in.

5. Vinny on The Hard Times of RJ Berger!

Who ever knew that RJ was even remotely Italian? And on top of that—related to one of the cast members of Jersey Shore?! Vinny is making his way to Hard Times as a guest star, where he will be helping RJ out in looking good for the ladies. The episode comes on tonight, and you won’t want to miss that.

That’s a wrap! Come back next week for a bloody (hint!), new Most Wanted List!

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