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Most Wanted: ‘Death Valley’ Kills!


This week, we have a good amount of TV shows that are premiering and worth mentioning, as well as a great publication that I’m obsessed about. Also, a celebrity that has people mesmerized and an event that is fast-approaching to teens nationwide. Okay, let’s get to the list!

1. Death Valley – Series Premiere

This show came out of the blue, first debuting it’s trailer during the season premiere of Jersey Shore, and I’ve been all over it ever since. The extremely gory-but-funny comedy has me locked in as a viewer (at least for the premiere) and you should also give it a try. But please—I’m begging you—don’t watch Ridiculousness.

2. The Hollywood Reporter

This incredible publication is the premier destination for Hollywood Insiders and follows the industry like no other. Don’t waste time: subscribe and visit their website! Now!

3. Awkward.

This show is so fantastic, it’s already the best show overall on MTV and is one of the best new shows of the Summer. If you haven’t seen it, you must!

4. Sarah Michelle Gellar

I don’t know why people love her so much (I’ve never seen Buffy in my life) but I’m prepared to love her too. Her appearance at Comic-Con had fans reeling and made them fall in love with her even more. She seems very sweet smart as well, telling from her interview with Entertainment Weekly, which is covered by Gellar, on newsstands now.

Back to School

Can all of us teens yell a very loud and long “Boo” simultaneously? Ugh. Let’s just get this year over with.

That’s a wrap! Come back next week where we will celebrate all the new topics and events coming in September, and A LOT will happen in September on the Most Wanted List! See you then!

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The Most Wanted List: Entertainment Weekly’s Parks and & Rec Cover!


1. Entertainment Weekly’s Parks & Rec Cover

How long I’ve waited for this cover. After 3 seasons on the air, NBC’s Parks and Recreation is finally getting the recognition it deserves as Entertainment Weekly becomes the first magazine to feature the cast on the cover. Adam Scott was the only member of the cast that wasn’t on the cover because at the time, there was a snowstorm in New York(where he was located. It’s ratings are much higher this season than last and it got a series high in viewers when it came back for Season 3. It comes out this Friday on newsstands, but I got the cover extra early! EW gave 101 reasons(!) why they love Parks & Rec, and I agree with every single one.

2. Justin Bieber on Chelsea Lately

He’s already been on the show 3 times, and every time he comes by, it’s hilarious. The quick jabs that Chelsea throws and Bieber’s immediate flirting makes the interview informative, awkward, and very, very funny. This comes after a very great weekend at the box office with his movie (Justin Bieber: Never Say Never) being a close second to blockbuster vets like Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston’s new comedy (Just Go With It), and he’s only 16. Justin makes his fourth appearance on E!’s Chelsea Lately tonight.

3. Fox’s Traffic Light

I saw the Pilot of Traffic Light a few days after it aired and it was absolutely incredible. It set out everything that’s great for a new comedy series: Likable characters, relationships, and an everlasting storyline about 3 college friends who maintain their friendship going into their thirties. Reviews of the show were great and many say that the pilot was actually weaker than future episodes, so I can’t wait until this Tuesday at 9:30!

4. Grammy Fallout

The ceremony was painfully long, and the outcome of the major categories were too. I’m fine with Lady Antebellum winning Record or Song of the Year, but why the hell did they win both? Also, I truly thought it was Eminem’s comeback year, and even though it was, it was not recognized as it should’ve been by Grammy voters. Instead, Arcade Fire won (I’ll be trying them out soon) and what’s surely the most shocking win in the Best New Artist category in over a decade, the underdog that is Esperanza Spalding won the category after almost everyone predicted that it would be either Drake or Justin Bieber. It worked in Spalding’s favor though, her album is at it’s highest point ever on iTunes.

5. The Return of Fizbo and DeDe on Modern Family!

Cam’s hilarious clown returns for the first time in Season 2 of ABS’s Modern Family and it shouldn’t disappoint. He apparently has problems with Mitchell about being the clown on Lily’s birthday party. Also, Mitch and Claire’s crazy mother is coming back and she’s bringing Claire’s ex-boyfriend (who’s going to be played by Matt Dillon) along with her. It’s an episode of Modern Fanily you can’t miss!

That’s a wrap! Sorry I took a while, I was a bit busy, but make sure you check back next Monday for a brand new Most Wanted List!

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The Vampire Diaries Returns!


Thursdays are starting to become the best days in television, as so many great shows come on! First, Jersey Shore premiered season 3 in the beginning of the year. Then Parks and Recreation came with season 3 on January 20th, and now another show is returning from its midseason hiatus: The Vampire Diaries!

As I’ve said before, its one of the most underrated shows on television; the cast is perfect, the characters are versatile, and the storyline is fantastic. Even though the show averages about 3.3 million viewers, it has a huge cult following and is The CW’s highest rated show ever. The critics were mixed on season 1, but they’ve now caught up with the hype and the show has gotten great reviews for season 2. Ken Tucker from Entertainment Weekly said the second season premiere of The Vampire Diaries “proves once again why this series is one of prime time’s more cleverly constructed, well-acted nighttime soap operas.” The first half of season 2 left us with a cliffhanger regarding the wolf bite that Rose received from Jules, a warring werewolf who went to Mystic Falls to see what happened to her friend, Mason Lockwood, who was killed by the Salvatore brothers. Tonight, we get answers on that burning question, as we will find out the fate of Rose by the end of the episode, according to executive producer Julie Plec. She also says that in tonight’s episode, Damon is going to have some love problems as he realizes that he cares a lot about Rose, but also loves Elena. Speaking of Elena, we should see some development on her after her strange alliance with Elijah was made in order to kill Klaus, the still un-cast original vampire. There’s also a possibility that Tyler may find out that Caroline isn’t the only vampire in Mystic Falls. We all know that its going to happen one day (that’s for sure) but it might just happen tonight.

In anticipation for the return of The Vampire Diaries, The CW has been advertising on billboards in high-end metropolitan areas like Sunset Boulevard and Times Square with the phrase, “Catch VD” which of course stands for catch Vampire Diaries, but will it lure in new viewers? I’m sure not many people watch the Vampire Diaries and maybe catch VD will cause them to Google the term, but isn’t it just easier to just put “Catch Vampire Diaries”? I understand that they’re trying to start a well thought advertising campaign, but maybe adding the time and date of the return would help people understand that its a TV show. Only time will tell if this will work, but it seems like its a short-term effort, as the return of the show is almost here. The CW also ran a new ad campaign, with another “catch” phrase. In new ads running on television, the new commercial for the return says “Got Wood?” It also uses the term “Catch VD” in the promo. Take a look at the video here.

If you haven’t seen the show, you really should. Its a romance, drama, thriller, and it throws some comedy once in a while. Its an incredible show, and my favorite serial drama. Make sure you Catch VD tonight when The Vampire Diaries returns tonight at 8 PM EST on The CW.

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