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SAG Awards Tonight! What Should You Expect?


Awards season is in full swing, and this is the final awards show before the big ceremonies begin (Grammys, Oscars!)

The Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Awards airs live tonight, and all the big hitters in film and television are expected to arrive at the event. Shows like Modern Family and Glee have been nominated. And films such as Black Swan and The Social Network have been nominated for Oustanding Motion Picture. A big shock to me was that Inception wasn’t nominated in this category! It should’ve taken The Fighter’s spot in the nominations. Inception only got 1 nomination, and it was for stunts. Another snub for Inception was the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t get a nomination for Inception, marking another year that Leonardo DiCaprio gets snubbed for fantastic performances (last year, DiCaprio didn’t get nominated for Shutter Island)

The King’s Speech is being called the frontrunner, but The Social Network is being called one of the best movies of this decade. For me, it’s just too close to call. All I know is that it’s one of these two pictures is going to get the highest honor tonight.

Some shows didn’t get nominated just because the shows were in their infancy on television. The Walking Dead didn’t get any nods, and even though I would’ve called this a snub I’m not going to because there were only six episodes in it’s first season. The only show that got first season love was the Betty White comedy Hot In Cleveland, which had 12 episodes in it’s first season.

On the TV drama acting side, there were no surprises for Best Actor in a Drama, with Steve Buscemi, being the only newcomer to that category. Someone who obviously got snubbed: Kyle Chandler for Friday Night Lights, of course. This is FNL’s final season, so the Screen Actors Guild has one more year to show some love for one of TV’s best dramas. For Best Actress, Elisabeth Moss is the only person who didn’t get a nomination last year, but six people were nominated last year, compared to five this year. Some snubs in this category were obvious; Connie Britton should’ve gotten a nomination for Friday Night Lights, and Patricia Arquette should’ve gotten a nod for her performance in the final season of Medium.

Some pleasant surprises in the TV Comedy side came as both Ty Burrell and Ed O’Neill got Best Actor nominations for their performances on Modern Family. Chris Colfer also got a deserved nomination for Glee. The Best Actor category got a huge change from last year, with Alec Baldwin and Steve Carell being the only actors that were nominated last year. I would say that Eric Stonestreet got snubbed for Modern Family, but he won the Emmy last year for Best Actor in a Comedy, and the 2 nods for his colleagues make up for the snub. For Best Actress in a Comedy, Sofia Vergara deservedly got a surprise nod for Modern Family, Jane Lynch also got a deserved nod for Glee, and Betty White got a nomination for Hot In Cleveland at 89 years old, an astonishing accomplishment for such a long and successful career. Just like the Best Actor category, this category also had many newcomers, with Tiny Fey and Edie Falco being the only two to be nominated last year. The Best Comedy category was very hard to choose for last year, and it will be difficult this year as well, with Hot In Cleveland being the only newcomer to this category. The frontrunners in this category are Glee and Modern Family and it’s anybody’s guess as to which will win tonight. On the drama side, True Blood got replaced by Boardwalk Empire, another HBO drama, but AMC’s Mad Men has this one in the bag no matter what.

All of these thoughts were my guesses, but make sure to watch tonight to find out who actually won. The SAG Awards will be simulcast tonight at 8 P.M. EST on TNT and TBS.

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Golden Globes TONIGHT! What Should You Expect?


Today is Golden Globes day! It’s been a long time coming, but tonight is the night. I like the Golden Globes, but I can’t take it as seriously as I would with the Emmys or the Oscars (which is next month!) As I tweeted when the nominations were announced, I thought it was ridiculous that they nominated ‘The Tourist’ for Best Comedy/Musical Picture! What the hell was the Hollywood Foreign Press smoking?! Fortunately, ‘The Tourist’ didn’t get many nominations. Instead, the most nominations went to Colin Firth’s monarchy drama, ‘The King’s Speech’, with 7 nominations, and The Social Network comes close behind with 6 nods. I’m rooting for The Social Network to win Best Drama, and Toy Story 3 to win for Best Animated Feature.

On the television side, the Golden Globes should take the same route as the Emmys did, deservedly awarding Best Drama and Comedy Series to Mad Men and Modern Family respectively. In the actors and actresses category for television is up in the air for me. Kyra Sedgwick’s win at the Emmys was a great surprise, but I’m just not sure if the Hollywood Foreign Press will be willing to give her that award. Also, expect The Pacific to win for best TV miniseries.

I’ll have live results on my twitter account (@JuniorTV) and I’ll have a results post tomorrow. Make sure you tune in tonight to watch the 67th annual Golden Globes tonight with host Ricky Gervais on NBC.

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Holiday-Themed Shows Airing This Week


With many shows starting their Midseason hiatus either this week or next week, primetime shows are airing their Christmas-themed episodes. I know for a fact that Glee is doing a Christmas-themed episode tonight, which will probably have many songs from their newest album respectfully named, The Christmas Album, that was released back in November. ABC aired their Merry Christmas Charlie Brown special last night, and will do so again on Christmas Day. Tonight, ABC is airing Christmas episodes of The Middle and Better With You. Modern Family is oddly not having a Christmas episode this year, but had an amazing one last year. Cougar Town is also doing the same. Nickelodeon will be airing their early instant classic, Merry Christmas Drake & Josh, which was a huge hit when it aired back in 2007, with over 10 million viewers watching on Christmas Eve that year. NBC is aired a christmas themed episode of Minute To Win It. Today NBC isn’t airing any holiday themed programming as a new episode of The Sing-Off and a repeat of Law & Order: SVU will fill-in the night. Fox, CBS, and the CW are following suit with no christmas programming tonight. I’ll be updating you guys daily on which shows will have holiday themed episodes, including small decals of Christmas shows that are airing tonight on tomorrow’s post, so stay tuned!

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