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Most Wanted: ‘The Hour’ is nearing!

I’m still in safe mode, and I can’t wait for things to go back to normal. Until then, this list will have to (minimally) do. Here’s the list!

1. The Hour – Series Premiere

2. Teen Wolf – Season Finale

3. Big Brother

4. Jersey Shore

5. Katy Perry

That’s a wrap! You can lookup all of these topics on Google News and see what all they hype is about regarding all of them. Sorry about the delay, I’ll be sure to have a full-featured list next Monday! Come back next week for a freshly new Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted: Jersey Shore is back!


This week happens to be a big one. This Most Wanted list is the most eventful in weeks, and is starting out August with a bang. For starters, one of the biggest reality shows ever returns! Plus, a week dedicated to a certain big fish begins. Also, a big collaboration album, a television convention, and a thrilling freshman finale are all on this weeks list, down below!

1. Jersey Shore – Season 4 Premiere

It’s baaack! The ratings juggernaut that only rivaled American Idol—yes, AMERICAN IDOL!—returns for it’s fourth season, and from the looks of the promos, it could be the craziest season ever. And that’s saying a lot. There will be a lot of the usual (sex, partying, drinking, and fighting) but something that has never happened will occur: fighting between male cast members. That I want to see, especially because Mike (The Situation) will be one of the two fist-fighting. This season looks to be good!

2. Jay Z & Kanye West – Watch the Throne

The long-awaited collaboration between Jay Z and Kanye West is finally here, and two of hip-hop’s finest could set a big first-week sales for Watch the Throne, set to be available early on iTunes this week.

3. Television Critics’ Association Awards

Right before the Emmy Awards season begins to heat up, the Television Critics Association hosts a press tour with many cable, premium and broadcast networks showcasing their upcoming shows. Also, right after their press tour, they also host an award show. No one hypes this broadcast, but many say this is a good indication of who might win at the Emmys, and that’s definitely a reason to watch. All of TV’s finest will be in attendance at the 27th Annual Television Critics Association Awards (TCA Awards), taking place August 6th with host–get this–Nick Offerman (from NBC’s Parks and Recreation

4.Shark Week

Discovery takes great pride in airing this annual event, where the schedule is dominated by programming of the fierce and large fish. Now entering its 25th year, Shark Week never seems to get old to Discovery viewers, and it definitely shook me (refer to this tweet.) Shark Week has takes place all week on Discovery, with new programming airing during primetime.

5. Falling Skies – Season Finale

TNT’s epic new series has been doing pretty great in the ratings, and has viewers hooked in the alien invasion that is Falling Skies. I haven’t seen any episodes beyond the pilot, but I’ve been told that I’m missing out on a very great show. Hope I catch up by this Sunday!

That’s a wrap! There’s tons of other things to look out for this week, like ABC Family’s Switched at Birth, which airs its penultimate 2011 episode tonight, and Oxygen’s The Glee Project, which had a shocking contestant exit last night and will air another episode this Sunday. Also, make sure to watch Big Brother! I keep refraining from saying I’m officially addicted, but I don’t think that can hold on much longer! Make sure to come back back next week for another edition of the Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted: Emmy Nominations and Friday Night Lights Finale!


I had a very difficult time choosing this weeks top spot, and it truly sucks that they happen in the same week. Since I only post things that occur on that week, this marks the first time that I have a tie on the list! This of course won’t happen often, but there’s a first for everything. Other things on the list include a very historic film opening/closing, another Summer TV premiere, and an iOS game I can’t stop playing. Also, since it’s a tie, I will technically have 4 slots, but it will have 5 topics, it’s just that two of them are on one number. With all that said, here’s the list!

1. Emmy Nominations and Friday Night Lights Series Finale

First, I’ll start with Emmy nominations, and I can’t wait until Thursday! We’ll find out who got nominated, who didn’t, and we’ll also find out who got a surprise non and who got snubbed. Could Joel McHale get a nom for Community? Will Ed O’Neill finally get some love from the academy? We’ll have to wait and find out this Thursday when the Emmy nominations are announced!

Next: The Series Finale of Friday Night Lights, and I couldn’t be more sad about it. I’ll be doing a full-length post later this week on the FNL, but this show is so incredible, so real, that I can’t believe it didn’t catch on. It first matter though, five seasons is an incredible amount of time for a show like this to last, although I would’ve like it to last 10 or more seasons. Get ready to cry, because this one is for the record books. Friday Night Lights ends it’s run this Friday at 8PM on NBC.

2. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2

This film opening effectively ends the decade-long franchise that reinvigorated the book industry and brought a world of imagination to millions of readers, parents and children alike. J.K. Rowling’s adventure of the little boy who could has broken records across the board, from being one of the best-selling books of all time, to being the most successful film franchise ever, surpassing over $6 Billion in ticket sales. I honestly can’t see a franchise being so big ever again, so congrats, Harry, and thank you.

3. Rizzoli & Isles – Season Premiere

Yes, Jane and Maura are back! The biggest new hit of Summer 2010 returns with some answers regarding the shooting of Jane in last season’s finale. Did she survive? I’m certain of it. But the real question is how she changed after the shooting. Make sure you watch to get some answers tonight on TNT!

4. Tiny Tower – iPhone/iPod touch

I can’t tell you how addicted I am to this game. I can’t stop checking in to see how many coins I earned while I was gone. In this game, you basically own a building where you add apartments and stores where your tenants can work at, and as your businesses develop, you earn money and with that money, you can add additional floors, eventually making a big tower that’s crazy busy and a huge money maker. As of today, I have 11 floors (which isn’t big by any means) and a little north of 40,000 coins. If you want to add me as a friend on Game Center, add me! My username is [take a wild guess:] JuniorTV.

That’s a wrap for this week! If nothing unexpectedly crazy happens next week, I will have 5 topics next Monday. Until then, thanks for reading The Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted: AMC’s ‘The Killing’ Murders the Top Spot!


This week marks the end of one of the best new shows of the year, and I’m sad to see it go. Fortunately, it’s just been renewed for a second season. Also, a new epic series makes it debut this week and could be the cable version of Terra Nova (hint!). A veteran show that you’ve seen a lot in the last few weeks will make yet another appearance on the list, but trust me, it’s warranted. What should you look out for this week? Find out on the list! Down below:

1. The Killing Season Finale

This fantastic drama mystery has kept me guessing all season, and we’ll hopefully find out who killed Rosie Larson in this week’s season closer. In last night’s episode, the final minutes were shocking, with Linden possibly finding who killed Rosie, and I never would’ve guessed it—**SPOILER ALERT!** it’s Seattle mayoral candidate Darren Richmond. And while you may have guessed that it’s him, this show has so many twists and turns that you can’t be sure, even though the evidence is stacking up against Richmond. We’ll see what happens when The Killing’s amazing first season wraps up this Sunday at 10 on AMC.

2. Falling Skies Series Premiere

TNT’s epic new series is getting great early reviews, and I’m definitely going to give it a shot. The Steven Spielberg-produced action drama takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens have invaded the earth and are practically the dominating population. The armies are wiped out, and it’s up to the residing humans to fight back. I have no idea how they came up with this show without spending a ton of money, but it somehow landed on cable. It’s not a serial in that it wasn’t like FlashForward (fortunately,) and aims to be more like The Walking Dead in terms of being in survival mode. We’ll see if this show flourishes of flops, with the 2 hour Sunday premiere on TNT.

3. Friday Night Lights

After I saw Matt return to the show, I couldn’t think of a better development this far into the season. We’ll see what happens with them this week but going back to Matt I started to think: “What if Landry came back to Jess, since she’s so frustrated with Vince? Now that would be one hell of a plot.

4. The Voice Live Show #2

Last week was a great show, and I can’t imagine who will get eliminated tomorrow night. We’ll see which two (yes, TWO contestants!) will get axed from the show, and who landed in the bottom with them, which could give us a look into who could get eliminated the following week. If I had to pick two, it would be Lily and Xenia. Lily has a voice, but is way too picky and risks it all to hit a note that just can’t be reached; and for Xenia, she just doesn’t have the vocal range to stick around for the rest of the season.

5. Green Lantern

This new superhero flick has been in the works for awhile now (it was on the cover of my first EW issue!) and it’s just now making it to theaters. Ryan Reynolds plays the legendary title character, who gets special abilities from a special ring, and uses it to fight crime. Will it stick with audiences at the box office? We’ll see…

Thats it! Come back next Monday for a brand new edition of the Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted: Covert Affairs Uncovers the Top Spot


This week, we have tons of new summer shows premiering, and a special show is going big time. Also, a hip hop song is making an appearance for the first time. Can you think of what it is? Your answer is on the list, down below:

1. Covert Affairs – Season 2 Premiere

The show with the second-biggest splash of the season (behind TNT’s Rizzoli & Isles) returns with the sexy Piper Perabo doing what she does best: Kick Ass. In the second-season opener, Annie Walker juggles a new case while she tries to find Ben, who disappears at the beginning of the premiere. I saw both Rizzoli and Affairs, and the latter definitely entertained me more.

2. The Voice Live Shows

How long I have waited for this day… Well, since the premiere! Now, we get to decide who stays and who goes. This week, the judges will perform and so will the contestants, but we won’t get the results until next week, but after that, we will have performance shows and results shows leading up to the big finale. Can’t wait? Me either.

3. The Glee Project

A #3 choice on my top 5 shows of the summer (which can be found here) and on this list, this show is sure to at least open huge for Oxygen, and make a splash with Glee fans looking for something to watch in the summer blues. Including me!

4. Lil Wayne – How to Love

Now this is how you build hype for your new album. With Tha Carter IV delayed once again, this song will hopefully keep us patient for Weezy’s latest release. This slow, somber, but powerful song is already a favorite of mine. And if this is just a taste of what we can expect for the new album, then COUNT ME IN!

5. Switched at Birth – Series Premiere

I haven’t watched an ABC Family show since Kyle XY got my attention, then lost my interest after the first season. Now, ABC Family is launching a more realistic high-concept show with a slew of TV actresses from cancelled shows, like Vanessa Marano (Gilmore Girls), and Constance Marie (George Lopez). For some odd reason, I like it. It looks very well done, and it seems so real. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but there might be a quality show on ABC Family(!)

That’s a wrap! Come back next week for an all-new Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted: Upfronts Are Up Front!


This week, Upfronts will completely dominate the list. Why wouldn’t it? After last season’s disastrous freshman run, they need to show something fresh. Also, another book will make an appearance and a talk show in it’s final days (you know which I’m talking about.) Anyhow, here’s the list!

1. Television Upfronts

Coming after an extremely disappointing television season, the networks have a lot to prove, especially NBC. The peacock network has already unveiled it’s fall schedule, and Fox is presenting their upfront right this moment. More Upfronts will go on this week, and I’ll have full coverage right here.

2. The Oprah Winfrey Show

With the show in its penultimate week, Oprah will go all out in trying to please viewers in the final days of the show. This week, will be pretty low-key, but next week will be huge, and you’ll have to tune in for that.

3. LA Noire

This may become one of the greatest video games of all time, and the critics universally agree: this game is a masterpiece. One critic calls LA Noire “A defining moment in video games on this generation,” and the glowing reviews don’t stop there. It seems that Rockstar Games can do no wrong, and I have absolutely no problem with that.

4. A Visit From the Goon Squad, Jennifer Egan

A gripping new novel by veteran author Jennifer Egan, A Visit From the Goon Squad tells the story about a group of people growing through different times surrounding the music world. Reading the book is a challenge, but I cannot put this book down at times. It’s quirky, but serious; joyous, and gritty, and I can’t wait to finish it.

5. Friday Night Lights

The catch phrase “Julie Taylor is a whore” has been stuck in my head since I last saw the episode on Friday, and I can’t wait to watch next weeks episode. Julie tells Tami what happened and the Taylors aren’t willing to be sympathetic, and they’re pissed. Drama is peaking week-after-week, and it just keeps getting better.

That’s a wrap! As I’ve mentioned before, come back here often for TV upfront coverage, including Fox’s schedule that has been released today. Come back next week for a fresh, finale-filled Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted: Thor Reigns the List!


I am once again deeply sorry for the delay, lots of things have been going on and I have just come around to typing up this list. This week, a major picture that has been murdering the box office internationally will debut on Friday, and it looks like it will make a big splash, just like Fast Five did just this past weekend. Also, and artist, and a show that has been on the list will be on, because they’re both that frickin’ good. Before you start drooling, here’s the list!

1. Thor

The Marvel classic has finally made it’s way to the silver screen and will probably do so with a bang. Critics are raving the superhero thriller, starring Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. If you want an action packed adventure and you need something to watch after seeing Fast Five last weekend, this should be at the GOP of your list, and that’s why it’s on mine.

2. Adele

This Pop/Soul goddess has been ruling my iPod since I added her latest album, 21, in February. Now everyone has gotten to their senses and are hearing her incredible music along with me, with her latest single “Rolling In The Deep” hitting an astonishing #2 on the Billboard Hot 100. Yes, THE HOT 100! never did I think that music of this kind would become so popular with so many people, and the news gets even better: She might hit #1 this week!

3. The Voice

The first episode blew the minds of millions, and we’re expecting the same for episode 2, which airs tonight. Get ready! This may be NBC’s first smash hit since the Comcast takeover.

4. ‘Judas’ Music Video

The song may not be so original (sounds just like ‘Bad Romance’ to me) but the video should be a work of art, just like every other Gaga production. The video will debut exclusively on May 5th on E! At. 7 and 11:30.

5. Mob Wives

I never thought I would get into such a trashy show (but then again, I watch Jersey Shore) but this show is so addictive, you’ll be glued to the screen, even though the theme song is horrifically unbearable.

That’s a wrap! Join me next week for a freshly new Most Wanted List!

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