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Farewell, Oprah.

NOTE: Oprah will likely air at 4 PM, right before your local news.

Today is a historic day. It is also a very sad one. Today will end an era of television that has changed the medium forever and for the better, and it will never be matched in quality or longevity forever.

After 25 years and 4,561 shows, Oprah Winfrey will bid farewell to her fans on her daily syndicated talk show, The Oprah Winfrey Show. I’ve always wanted to visit the show since I first became aware of Oprah and her show back in 2006 (I previously thought that you could only watch it on a premium channel,) but some things are just not meant to be, and since I was not of the age to request a ticket (you must be 18 years or older to be in the audience), I will never get to watch her do what she does best in person. It’s okay though, I still am and will be a huge fan of hers for as long as I’ll live. Every part of her is extraordinary, from her childhood, to her wit, to her incredible success. Her charitable work has helped countless people, and opening a school in Africa is just the start of what will hopefully be a big development in education and human rights in the poverty-stricken continent. She is an example that anything is possible whether you’re rich in the north or in poverty in the south. Oprah is a living legend and a true example of an all around good person.

Thanks for everything Oprah. I’ve only watched your for 5 years, but you’ve shaped the person that I am. I will make sure to watch your final bow today, and so will everyone who will read this.

Farewell, Oprah.

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Special Edition Most Wanted: The Oprah Finale


This is the most important Most Wanted List to date, and you know why. This week, something historic will happen. So historic, it will change television and media overall forever. Daytime will never be the same again without her, and this week, she takes the top spot by a mile. More details below, but we also will see a plethora of finales and premieres this week. So large, in fact, that I decided to double the amount of things that are Most Wanted this week to 10. How’s that for a special edition?! The list is down below:

1. The Oprah Winfrey Show – Series Finale

It’s the end of an era. After almost 5,000 shows and millions of lives changed, Oprah is saying goodbye to her daily talk show on Wednesday and with it comes sadness for her dedicated fans (me included.) For the past 4 years, which have been the most important for me growing up (from 12 to now 16,) I have watched Oprah and if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t even be remotely interested in the television world. She set an example of how the medium of television is so powerful and how far you can go in this world. In this judgmental world, Oprah was my only escaping alternate dimension where I learned to be an open-minded person, and I owe any humility I have to her. My absolute favorite moment on the Oprah show was when she reunited Clemantine and Claire Wamariya with their family after they were torn apart from the Rwandan genocide. It gives me chills every time I watch that episode, and I well definitely never forget it. Make sure you watch these final three shows! Check your local listings if you don’t already know when Oprah airs in your area. Especially watch the final Oprah Winfrey Show this Wednesday.

2. American Idol

For American Idol, a completely revamped judge panel and format worked for the better, and everyone is calling it a comeback. This season has started with hundreds of thousands of contestants, and it all comes down to the final two: Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. The youngest final two ever are sure to bring a large audience this Wednesday, and a record number of votes. In recent seasons, the winners haven’t made it big. But this year the winner is sure to make a splash on the charts, if America gets it right, which I think will happen this year.

3. The Hangover Part II

Two years after the record-breaking comedy made it’s way to theaters, the guys are doing it again. This time it’s Stu, and you know it’s going to be crazy when you see a facial tattoo freshly imprinted around Stu’s eye. Problem is, that could stop the movie from coming out. Hopefully it won’t, but who knows what might happen at today’s hearing in Missouri. If the plaintiffs request for an injunction is denied, everything should be fine for The Hangover’s release this Friday.

4. Modern Family Season Finale

Another hilarious season ends with the family trying to surprise Jay with a birthday party, Phil meets an enemy from college, and Cam gets in some trouble at a bakery. You know, the typical craziness? The producers must have something special in store for this Wednesday’s finale, and you should definitely tune in.

5. Glee Season Finale

The most expensive Glee episode to-date airs tonight, and it happens to be the finale episode. New Directions makes it’s way to the New York City to make a splash at the nationals which are being held in the city. Will they win? And how is all the drama from this past season going to end? Tune in to find out!

6. The Middle Season Finale

The stellar second season ends with uncertainty that that Brick may be held back. Frankie does all she can to help Brick and keep the family from going over the edge as usual. Expect the ever-present craziness from Sue and Axl to also be a main point in this sweet and quirky comedy starring Patricia Heaton.

7. The Event Series Finale

A bumpy freshman run was all The Event got, and the disappointing show is ending tonight with an uncertain future. Will ‘The Event’ happen? If it does, when will it happen? And most of all: WHAT THE HELL IS THE EVENT?!

8. Kung Fu Panda 2

This hilarious animated comedy is back and will hopefully be better than the already great original. Word is that DreamWorks wants to make this a 6-Picture adventure. They’ll have to keep it fresh if they want to stretch it out that long. Either way, early reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and this movie’s sure to earn big bucks this Thursday.

9. Dancing With the Stars Finale

I truly thought that Kirstie Alley was going to get kicked-off in the opening week, and now she’s in the final two. Boy was I wrong! Alley and Chelsea Kane will dance all the way to the mirror ball trophy this Tuesday, which is probably very dusty right about now.

10. Chelsea Lately

Even with all these shows and movies, this hilarious late-night show has crept it’s way back into the list with a great week of guests. Tonight, American Idol Judge Randy Jackson makes his way on the show for what I believe will be the first time. You think that’s big? Wait later in the week for even more big TV and movie stars from shows like Glee and movies like The Hangover!

Wow! Isn’t it packed?! This is going o be one hell of a week! Here’s another reminder to make sure you watch the Oprah Finale this Wednesday Come back next week for an all-new Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted: Upfronts Are Up Front!


This week, Upfronts will completely dominate the list. Why wouldn’t it? After last season’s disastrous freshman run, they need to show something fresh. Also, another book will make an appearance and a talk show in it’s final days (you know which I’m talking about.) Anyhow, here’s the list!

1. Television Upfronts

Coming after an extremely disappointing television season, the networks have a lot to prove, especially NBC. The peacock network has already unveiled it’s fall schedule, and Fox is presenting their upfront right this moment. More Upfronts will go on this week, and I’ll have full coverage right here.

2. The Oprah Winfrey Show

With the show in its penultimate week, Oprah will go all out in trying to please viewers in the final days of the show. This week, will be pretty low-key, but next week will be huge, and you’ll have to tune in for that.

3. LA Noire

This may become one of the greatest video games of all time, and the critics universally agree: this game is a masterpiece. One critic calls LA Noire “A defining moment in video games on this generation,” and the glowing reviews don’t stop there. It seems that Rockstar Games can do no wrong, and I have absolutely no problem with that.

4. A Visit From the Goon Squad, Jennifer Egan

A gripping new novel by veteran author Jennifer Egan, A Visit From the Goon Squad tells the story about a group of people growing through different times surrounding the music world. Reading the book is a challenge, but I cannot put this book down at times. It’s quirky, but serious; joyous, and gritty, and I can’t wait to finish it.

5. Friday Night Lights

The catch phrase “Julie Taylor is a whore” has been stuck in my head since I last saw the episode on Friday, and I can’t wait to watch next weeks episode. Julie tells Tami what happened and the Taylors aren’t willing to be sympathetic, and they’re pissed. Drama is peaking week-after-week, and it just keeps getting better.

That’s a wrap! As I’ve mentioned before, come back here often for TV upfront coverage, including Fox’s schedule that has been released today. Come back next week for a fresh, finale-filled Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted List: Oscar Nominations!


A new week, a new list, and it’s the hardest one yet. I spent a lot of time deciding who should grab the #1 spot, and at the end, entertainment won. Here’s this weeks Most Wanted List:

1. Oscar Nominations

The Golden Globes are just to have fun, the SAGs are good too, but the Academy rules, and tomorrow is the big day to see who got the deserving nominations and who got the undeserved snub. Expect to see [my all-time favorite] The Social Network to get a ton of nominations and Toy Story 3 to get a nod for Best Picture, which would be the first time that an animated film has gotten a Best Picture nomination two years in a row. You’ll have to wake up a bit early, the nominations will be announced at 8:38 A.M (EST) sharp.

2. The Vampire Diaries

The most underrated show on television returns on Wednesday, with major questions being answered in it’s first episode of 2011. **SPOILER ALERT** We will find out Rose’s fate by the end of this weeks episode, and we will see how Damon develops human feelings, which is a huge change from his original heartless character. The Vampire Diaries returns this Thursday at 8 EST on The CW.

3. 17th Annual SAG Awards

Even though it’s not the Oscars, these people know how to nominate! If you read the nominations, it’s like the Golden Globes, but better. They too nominate both television and film, and their nominations should look similar to what will be announced. Tomorrow morning. The Screen Actors Guild actually nominated movies that were good and for that, I thank you. The 17th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, airs this Sunday at 8 PM EST on TNT and TBS.

4.Oprah’s Big Secret

It’s already out, but people were speculating all weekend about it, and it’s probably going to be a topic of discussion all this week across all talk and news shows. Oprah has a half sister that she didn’t know until last October, and the secret was kept from her for over 40 years. In total, Oprah has 3 other half siblings, which means that Oprah’s mom had 4 separate babies with 4 separate men. This proves something about Oprah’s mother: She had a lot of action in her day.

5. Woot!

Everyone has one of those websites where you just type the address and look at the site, then quickly close; this is mine. Woot! as the first deal-per-day website and has been up since 2004. The website posts one great deal per day and everything is different, from vacuums to snuggies to something called dirt seasonings. Even though you will probably get one of their deals in a blue moon, it’s always interesting to see what they put up for the day.

That’s a wrap for this week! Stay tuned next Monday for a fresh new Most Wanted List!

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