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‘2 Broke Girls’ Gets A Full Season Order from CBS

CBS’s latest hit is the highest-rated new show of the season.

CBS has ordered an additional 9 episodes to the 13 episode order of it’s latest half hour sitcom Two Broke Girls. This comes as a shock to no one as the show hit astronomical ratings from it’s Two and A Half Men lead-in. The multi-cam comedy is currently the highest-rated new show of the season with averaging 15.5 million viewers and a 5.8 adults 18-49 rating, winning it’s time slot for the last 3 weeks in a row.

Two Broke Girls stars Kat Dennings as Max a hipster-hating waitress in New York who becomes friends with her co-worker Caroline (played by Beth Behrs) who is an heiress who lost it all after her rich father was exposed to having a Bernie Madoff-like scandal. Two Broke Girls airs Monday nights at 8:30PM after How I Met Your Mother on CBS.

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‘The Playboy Club’ Cancelled, ‘Whitney’ and ‘Up All Night’ Picked Up by NBC

The Fall TV season has suffered its first casualty, three weeks in.

NBC has canceled The Playboy Club, which launched with a disappointing 5.7 million viewers, and sunk lower week-to week, bottoming out at 3.4 million last night, with just a puny 1.2 adults 18-49 rating.

On the flip side, NBC has renewed 2 of it’s Fall comedies, the Whitney Cummings-starrer Whitney and Christina Applegate’s Up All Night. Both comedies have been performing modestly, but at this point, NBC is in such bad shape, modest-to-low is good enough enough for them.

More to come…

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TV SHUFFLE: A Tsunami of Pickups, Cancellations, and Renewals: A Full Round-up


As I mentioned in the title, a slew of pickups, cancellations, and renewals have been hitting our ways in the last few hours, and to say its overwhelming is an understatement. NBC, ABC, Fox, and CBS have picked up, renewed, and slashed & burned shows all day today and even though its surprising how fast and quickly this news has been coming out, I cant say that most of these announcements were shocking, except one, which I’ll mention later in the post. In the meanwhile, here is a full round-up of pickups, cancellations, and renewals, starting with NBC. The List will go in this order: Pilots getting orders are Greenlit, pilots being passed on are Redlit, shows being renewed are Returning, and shows that are cancelled are Cut Off. Get ready, because Here…We…go.



Are You There, Vodka? It’s Me, Chelsea (Comedy)

Free Agents (Comedy)

Bent (Comedy)

Whitney (Comedy)

Up All Night (Comedy)

Smash (Musical/Comedy)

BFF (Comedy)

The Playboy Club (Drama)

Awake (Drama)

Grimm (Fantasy/Drama)

Prime Suspect (Crime Drama)


Wonder Woman (Action Drama)

A Mann’s World (Drama)

17th Precinct (Procedural Drama)

Reconstruction (Drama)

Metro (Procedural Drama)

Brave New World (Comedy)

Lovelines (Comedy)

Help Wanted (Comedy)

I Hate That I Love You (Comedy)

My Life as an Experiment (Comedy)


Parenthood (Drama)

Harry’s Law (Procedural Dramedy)

Chuck (Action Dramedy, Final Season)

The Office (Comedy)

Parks and Recreation (Comedy)

Community (Comedy)

30 Rock (Comedy)


The Event (Serial Drama)

Chase (Drama)

UnderCovers (Drama)

Outlaw (Drama)

The Cape (Superhero Drama)

Law & Order: Los Angeles (Proceudral Drama)

Perfect Couples (Comedy)

Outsourced (Comedy)

The Paul Reiser Show (Comedy)



Apartment 23 (Comedy)

Last Man Standing (Comedy, Starring Tim Allen)

Man Up (Comedy)

Good Christian Belles (Drama)

Charlie’s Angels (Action/Drama)

Once Upon A Time (Drama)

Pan Am (Drama)

Revenge (Drama)

Scandal (Drama)

The River (Drama)


Poe (Drama)


Happy Endings (Comedy)

The Middle (Comedy)

Modern Family (Comedy)

Cougar Town (Comedy)

Grey’s Anatomy (Medical Drama)

Body of Proof (Medical Drama)

Private Practice (Drama)

Castle (Drama)

Secret Millionire (Reality)


V (Serial Drama)

Brothers & Sisters (Drama)

No Ordinary Family (Drama)

Detroit 1-8-7 (Crime Drama)

Off The Map (Medical Drama)

Mr. Sunshine (Comedy)

Better With You (Comedy)



Person of Interest (Drama)

Two Broke Girls (Comedy)


None as of yet.


Two And A Half Men (Comedy)

The Big Bang Theory (Comedy)

How I Met Your Mother (Comedy)

NCIS (Drama)


Medium (Drama)

Chaos (Drama)

$#*! My Dad Says,

Mad Love

The Defenders



Alcatraz (Drama)

The Finder (Crime Drama)

The New Girl (Comedy)

I Hate My Teenage Daughter (Comedy)


None as of yet.


Glee (Comedy)

Family Guy (Comedy)

The Simpsons (Comedy)

Raising Hope (Comedy)

The Cleveland Show (Comedy)

Bob’s Burgers (Comedy)

American Dad (Comedy)

House (Drama)

Bones (Drama)

Fringe (Drama)


Breaking In (Comedy)

Traffic Light (Comedy)

Human Target (Drama)

The Chicago Code (Crime Drama)

Lone Star (Drama)

The Good Guys (Drama)

Lie To Me (Drama)

The Good Guys (Drama)


Told you it was overwhelming! Here’s the catch: We’re not done yet, not even close. Come back reguarly as more shows/pilots are added to the list! 

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TV News Flash: Fox Picks Up Bones Spin-off, JJ Abrams Project to Series

In the first series pickups of the season, Fox has sprung up first to announce that Bones spin-off ‘The Finder’ and JJ Abrams crime thriller ‘Alcatraz’ to series. They will be picked up for the usual 13-episode season, and if it performs well, Fox has the usual option to pick the shows up for a 21-episode season.

We’ll have more info as it comes…

UPDATE: Overnight, Fox cancelled even more shows besides Human Target and Breaking In: Traffic Light, Lie to Me, and The Chicago Code have also been shut out.

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BREAKING: NBC Gives ‘Chuck’, ‘Chase’ full season pickups, UnderCovers – Not as much


More pickups from NBC are happening as they’ve extended the seasons of Chase, Chuck, and Undercovers.

The number of episodes are scattered for each show, but here they are:

Chuck now in its fourth season, is getting an additional 11 episodes for an extended 24 episode season. Chase, a freshman show who has been struggling in the ratings, gets the usual back 9 to get a full 21 episode season, and UnderCovers, a show that has aleady been deemed to be canceled, has been given onl 4 additional episodes. Of course more episodes could be added in the future, but for now this is all they’ve asked for. I think that the only possibility of more orders are if Chase goes up more and if Undercovers manages to get over a 1.7 adults 18-49, which they’ve been failing to do with just 4 weeks on the air.

For now, that’s all I got! Yay for Chuck! Yay for Chase! Umm for Undercovers…

As mentioned yesterday, there are more pickups by the networks on the way, so stay tuned!

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