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Special Edition Most Wanted: The Oprah Finale


This is the most important Most Wanted List to date, and you know why. This week, something historic will happen. So historic, it will change television and media overall forever. Daytime will never be the same again without her, and this week, she takes the top spot by a mile. More details below, but we also will see a plethora of finales and premieres this week. So large, in fact, that I decided to double the amount of things that are Most Wanted this week to 10. How’s that for a special edition?! The list is down below:

1. The Oprah Winfrey Show – Series Finale

It’s the end of an era. After almost 5,000 shows and millions of lives changed, Oprah is saying goodbye to her daily talk show on Wednesday and with it comes sadness for her dedicated fans (me included.) For the past 4 years, which have been the most important for me growing up (from 12 to now 16,) I have watched Oprah and if it wasn’t for her, I wouldn’t even be remotely interested in the television world. She set an example of how the medium of television is so powerful and how far you can go in this world. In this judgmental world, Oprah was my only escaping alternate dimension where I learned to be an open-minded person, and I owe any humility I have to her. My absolute favorite moment on the Oprah show was when she reunited Clemantine and Claire Wamariya with their family after they were torn apart from the Rwandan genocide. It gives me chills every time I watch that episode, and I well definitely never forget it. Make sure you watch these final three shows! Check your local listings if you don’t already know when Oprah airs in your area. Especially watch the final Oprah Winfrey Show this Wednesday.

2. American Idol

For American Idol, a completely revamped judge panel and format worked for the better, and everyone is calling it a comeback. This season has started with hundreds of thousands of contestants, and it all comes down to the final two: Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina. The youngest final two ever are sure to bring a large audience this Wednesday, and a record number of votes. In recent seasons, the winners haven’t made it big. But this year the winner is sure to make a splash on the charts, if America gets it right, which I think will happen this year.

3. The Hangover Part II

Two years after the record-breaking comedy made it’s way to theaters, the guys are doing it again. This time it’s Stu, and you know it’s going to be crazy when you see a facial tattoo freshly imprinted around Stu’s eye. Problem is, that could stop the movie from coming out. Hopefully it won’t, but who knows what might happen at today’s hearing in Missouri. If the plaintiffs request for an injunction is denied, everything should be fine for The Hangover’s release this Friday.

4. Modern Family Season Finale

Another hilarious season ends with the family trying to surprise Jay with a birthday party, Phil meets an enemy from college, and Cam gets in some trouble at a bakery. You know, the typical craziness? The producers must have something special in store for this Wednesday’s finale, and you should definitely tune in.

5. Glee Season Finale

The most expensive Glee episode to-date airs tonight, and it happens to be the finale episode. New Directions makes it’s way to the New York City to make a splash at the nationals which are being held in the city. Will they win? And how is all the drama from this past season going to end? Tune in to find out!

6. The Middle Season Finale

The stellar second season ends with uncertainty that that Brick may be held back. Frankie does all she can to help Brick and keep the family from going over the edge as usual. Expect the ever-present craziness from Sue and Axl to also be a main point in this sweet and quirky comedy starring Patricia Heaton.

7. The Event Series Finale

A bumpy freshman run was all The Event got, and the disappointing show is ending tonight with an uncertain future. Will ‘The Event’ happen? If it does, when will it happen? And most of all: WHAT THE HELL IS THE EVENT?!

8. Kung Fu Panda 2

This hilarious animated comedy is back and will hopefully be better than the already great original. Word is that DreamWorks wants to make this a 6-Picture adventure. They’ll have to keep it fresh if they want to stretch it out that long. Either way, early reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and this movie’s sure to earn big bucks this Thursday.

9. Dancing With the Stars Finale

I truly thought that Kirstie Alley was going to get kicked-off in the opening week, and now she’s in the final two. Boy was I wrong! Alley and Chelsea Kane will dance all the way to the mirror ball trophy this Tuesday, which is probably very dusty right about now.

10. Chelsea Lately

Even with all these shows and movies, this hilarious late-night show has crept it’s way back into the list with a great week of guests. Tonight, American Idol Judge Randy Jackson makes his way on the show for what I believe will be the first time. You think that’s big? Wait later in the week for even more big TV and movie stars from shows like Glee and movies like The Hangover!

Wow! Isn’t it packed?! This is going o be one hell of a week! Here’s another reminder to make sure you watch the Oprah Finale this Wednesday Come back next week for an all-new Most Wanted List!

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About Time! NBC Gives ‘The Event’ A Return Date


After it became known that it was going to premiere very late in the Midseason, NBC has finally given a return date to it’s struggling freshman drama, The Event. James Hibberd from Entertainment Weekly is reporting that The Event is returning on March 7th with a 2 hour premiere starting on a special time, 8 P.M. Chuck usually airs in that time slot, and will not air a new episode that Monday. The Event will be followed by NBC’s new hit show Harry’s Law at 10.

I wrote here a couple of months back at how disappointed I was at The Event’s fall finale, as the episodes before had much more suspense and drama than the finale. Hibberd also reported that The Event won’t end with a huge cliffhanger like the producers of V had announced this week. Producers of The Event said that it won’t give complete closure to the fans, but it won’t end with too much suspense. There’s also a good chance that we will find out what “The Event” is by the end of the season, which would give viewers the answer to that burning question that has been asked countless times.

Now the question will be asked is if the show will be as solid as it’s pilot or be even more disappointing than it’s fall finale? You’ll have to tune in on March 7th to find out.

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The Event Fall Finale: Very Disappointed


I was very pumped to watch last nights episode of The Event. I was expecting many questions to be answered, which there were, but not many. Its safe to say that The Event’s fall finale was a huge disappointment.  It pains me to type this, but its the truth. I had very high hopes for this show after its very promising pilot, but last night was the worst episode of the season, and that says a lot for a show that is supposedly saving everything for last.

One thing that I found very nerve-wracking was lack of development in the President Martinez/Vice President Jarvis story. What happened? Nothing! The President went to see the VP immediately at the hospital and the Veep told Martinez that he’s suffered memory loss. Really? I didn’t stop watching because I expected something more deeper into the episode, but that was it. I was deeply disappointed that after Jarvis’ talk to the President on the previous episode, (before last night’s finale) nothing further happened with such a possible gateway for answers, which last nights episode of The Event lacked of more than ever.

Over with the E.B.E’s where Thomas and his girlfriend Isobel have a grand scheme to shoot out a rocket, which was initially thought to hit the U.S, but instead goes out to space and opens up all technologically and tries to communicate to their distant planet. President Martinez tries to stop the rocket from launching throughout the episode, but then finds out that Thomas was behind it and was trying to communicate with his people back home. Sohia is seen very little throughout the episode, which is a disappointment, because she is very good at was she does, being innocent and creepy at the same time. For a hyped fall finale, this was also disappointment, because it turned out to be a rocket launch and nothing further. Why did they have to extend this throughout the entire episode? That’s beyond me.

Another disappointing development was with Sean and Leila. They kept slowly getting closer, only to find that Samantha and the people that kept have kidnapped her already left the location. They find some partially burnt documents on the floor where they find files of many E.B.E’s. Their faces look exactly the same over the years (as usual for them) and then they come across a folder that had Leila’s fathers name on it (Michael Buchanan). They look at the photos and realize that Leila’s father is one of them. Leila acts stupid and says that it can’t be, but let’s face it, if a plane can disappear out of thin air, anything can happen. I hate that Leila is still not believing in the E.B.E’s even though the evidence is right in her face! She’s been told of it before (by that crazy investigative reporter) and crazy enough things have happened to her to know that something is out of the ordinary.

To conclude the post, I can’t even express how disappointed I was by the fall finale, considering I won’t be seeing it for 3 months. Its very possible that I will find another show at the 9 PM Monday slot by then. I’m sad because this was my first major serialized drama that I was very into, it shouldn’t have ended like this.

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The Event Episode 5 Recap


It keeps getting better and better, and something we all love: More Answers!

Episode 5 begins with Thomas telling the President that  if he does not release Sophia and the rest of the detainees, people will die. He quickly hangs up, and off goes another flashback. Back again to the 1940s when the detainees arrived and Sophia tells Thomas to let her go, she also promised him that they will see each other again. Then we see Thomas and Simon (the CIA agent who is one of them) enter a cabin, and they notice that the planet they just landed on has no where near the technological advances they need to go back to wherever the hell they’re from. Simon tells Thomas that Sophia chose him as the leader for a reason, and that deeply resonated with Thomas.

Off to the White House, or the CIA, where the CIA Director advises the President that the country has a “not negotiating with terrorists” and if they negotiate with the antidote, they will demand for more in the future. The President tells the staff that they will join together again in 2 hours when Thomas calls back. Simon makes another secret phone call to Thomas, telling him that he needs to give the antidote to the government so they won’t be seen as murderers. Thomas refuses to give the antidote, saying that the President will budge when “push comes to shove”. Thomas calls back and he doesn’t budge on giving the antidote, and says that the people will die. The President counters the threat with telling Thomas that if he doesn’t hand over the antidote, Sophia and the other detainees would be executed. Thomas says, “you wouldn’t”, but the President was absolutely serious. The next day is approaching, and Thomas gives one final call, threatening the President again with “one final chance”. The President is tough as nails as he tells him no, and was going to hang up saying that the death of Sophia and the detainees will be on his hands. He tells the President to wait, and gives him a new offer: If he hands over one of the detainees, he would hand over the antidote. The President agrees and asks him which prisoner, he says Sophia. Thomas gives specific instructions on releasing Sophia, in an empty train and train station with no stops. Everything goes as planned and she gets freed on the train as the antidote saves the plane survivors.

Next: Sean and Leila, where Leila is trying to call Sean and the phone (which is dead) keeps going directly to voicemail. She asks the officer (from the corrupted police station) if there’s a chance that he’s called back, he assures her that when he calls, she’ll be the first to know. The officer goes to Vicky and asks her if Sean will show up, she tells him that there’s no way in hell that he won’t. Yet another flashback comes, going back 5 years ago when she was ordered to kill a whole family inside of what seemed like a mansion. She goes in the house and kills the family members one-by-one until she notices crying in another room, and its a baby. She ends up not killing the baby, and actually keeps it for herself. Sean uses a payphone to call an old friend from college to help track Vicky’s phone, but nothing comes up. Agent Collier tells Sean that she probably has her phone turned off. He tells her that when Vicky turns it on, his friend would let him know. Meanwhile, they buy some chips, and a cell phone charger for a car. Sean turns on his phone while in the car and checks his voicemail, where he hears Leila’s message for the first time. He quickly calls the number that she called from, and the cops get her on the line–FINALLY! Leila and Sean speak to each other for the first time since the pilot! With relief on both sides, Sean asks Leila how she feels and how far they are from getting her. I loved this scene, they are both close to tears because they’ve missed each other and were so happy to hear each other- it was the highlight of the episode. It soon gets scary for Leila as she finds out by looking at the computer screen saver and the cop’s badge that something wasn’t right. She asks here the bathroom is located. The cop tells her. When she goes in, she turns on the sink and turns on the hand dryer and attempts to escape from the building by breaking a window with a trash can. The cops hear it and grab her, preventing her from escaping. They throw her in a room where they keep her locked. Sean arrives at the police station where his friend calls him and tells Sean that Vicky is in Snyder, the same city where Leila is in the police department. Agent Collier advises Sean to not go in there, its too much of a risk, but Sean comes up with a plan. He sends Vicky a text message with the picture of her son, and immediately calls her to tell her that if he doesn’t get Leila, the picture of her son and his address will “go viral”. He walks in and Vicky points the gun to him, she then turns and starts shooting the officers in the police department, and tells Sean that Leila is in the back room. He finds her, and (another great moment) they are both extremely relieved to finally see each other again. They escape, with the other guy (who’s always with Vicky) in the back of the car.

Things that get answered this episode: Leila’s fate! She finally gets saved by Sean. Also, the fate of the plane passengers, they don’t die because of the life saving antidote.

More questions raised this episode: Sophia gets released, but what will happen with her and Thomas? What will happen to the guy that hung out with Vicky all the time? Now that Sean has Leila, how will happen with them?

That’s what happened in episode 5 of The Event! Come back next week to get an episode 6 recap, where the teasers show Sophia escaping from the train which was not planned-either by the President, or by Thomas!

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BREAKING: NBC Gives Full Season Pickups for LOLA, Outsourced, and THE EVENT


Just off the news with Raising Hope’s full season pickup, more early renewals are coming with the networks as NBC gives full-season pickups for Law & Order: Los Angeles, Outsourced, and The Event.

All new shows, NBC has decided relatively early to pick these up for the back 9, and word is that Chuck is next on the full season order on the network. Still no news on Chase and UnderCovers, but I think that they are going to be further reviewed ratings-wise and their fate should be clear by this week—or tonight (for Chase)

All of the shows that NBC renewed has modest to high ratings in their premiere episodes, but have dropped about 20-30% since then. This is just a few of many full season pickups that will be happening in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to find out if your show will survive this pretty disappointing season.

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