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Pickups: ABC, CW Give Back Orders for ‘Revenge’, ‘Ringer’, ‘Suburgatory’, and More

ABC's 'Suburgatory'

It’s been a busy day for the networks as a total of 5 freshman shows were given full season orders and 1 returning show got an additional script order. First, let’s begin with The CW, who gave full season orders to 3 hour-long dramas: Ringer, starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, The Secret Circle, executive produced by The Vampire Diaries’ Kevin Williamson, and Hart of Dixie, starring Rachel Bilson. Although all three are new, their performances in the ratings department have varied, with Secret Circle being The CW’s highest-rated new show, although that might be because it has The CW’s overall highest-rated show The Vampire Diaries as it’s lead-in. Secret Circle has averaged 2.4 million viewers and a 1.0 rating among adults 18-49 since its premiere back in September. Ringer has been struggling in the ratings, with it’s most recent episode drawing 1.7 million viewers and a 0.7 rating among adults 18-49. Hart of Dixie hasn’t done so well either, as the show has averaged 1.9 million viewers and a 0.8 with adults 18-49.

Now to ABC, where they renewed two freshman shows, Revenge, airing after it’s hit-comedy Modern Family, and Suburgatory, which airs before it. Both shows have been performing well in their slots, notably Revenge, which recently beat CSI in the ratings just last night. Suburgatory also did well, nearly beating Survivor with a 3.1 rating. Happy Endings, a veteran comedy currently airing its second season, got an order of six additional scripts, with the possibility of it being ordered to produce them at a later time.

The shows have jumped a hurdle, but they still have a major one: Renewal.

Any guesses?

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The Secret Circle: TV Review

In television, there are many copycats. Look at TruTV’s Hardcore Pawn, which is the cable channels version of History’s much more popular Pawn Stars. There are some differences between the two, but the have the same setting: it’s about a pawn shop. But once in a while, you find a show made by the same people that make you wonder: why? That’s what sparked in my brain after watching the first hour of ‘The Secret Circle,’ which is basically The Vampire Diaries with witches. Ironically, and not-surprisingly, the show is executive produced by Kevin Williamson, who is also executive producer of The Vampire Diaries.

Before viewing the episode, I was hopeful that the show would be different than it’s Vampire counterpart, and since it was from Williamson, I thought that he would make many distinctions between them. Unfortunately, my hopes were dashed. The ‘Circle’ revolves around Cassie, a girl who just lost her mother from a fire caused by a male witch who is also the father, though the reason for the fire is unbeknownst to Cassie. Due to her mother’s death and her father much-longer passing shortly before her birth, she moves in with her grandmother in a little town named Chance Harbor, Washington. When she first arrives to her high school, she meets a girl named Diana, who offers to help show her around after school at a bar. She leaves and seemingly ditches her plans to meet Diana after two girls begin to lightly ambush her. When Cassie enters her car, she finds herself locked in with the engine catching fire, but gets saved by a guy named Adam, whom she also met at the bar. Fast forward from too many boring moments, and Cassie finds out that Diana, Adam, another guy named Nick, and the two obnoxious girls at the bar (named Faye and Melissa) are all witches, and so is she. Her reaction was the usual: she asks if they’re serious, calls them insane, and leaves the room. Eventually, a scene with Adam a few seconds later makes her believe that she’s a witch, but of course, she wants no part in it. That right there is the problem with this show (aside from the similarities with TVD, of course).

The show is so unbelievably predictable, I can recite the lines better than the characters themselves. Also, when the pilot was done, I felt like I was done. I didn’t really want to see more. The show is so caught up in the mystery of witchcraft that it didn’t even focus on all the characters. I hate to compare the show to TVD so much, but the latter is so much better. It has a central focus on relationships, but also has a long-term outlook on defeating the bad guy. Apart from all the negatives, the pilot was beautifully shot, and had a great and calm setting. In conclusion, ‘The Secret Circle’ looks nice, but it’s so predictable and similar to ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ it’s borderline ridiculous. B-

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Most Wanted Special Edition: The Emmys!


10 shows either premiere or end this week on this super-packed Special Edition

Awards season is in full swing and I’ll be having full coverage of the ceremonies LIVE here on JuniorTV! With the Emmys nearing, that also means another thing: Fall TV! Make sure to look further down the list to see a few new shows (mostly from The CW) premiering this week! Because this is a Special Edition, I’ve decided to supersize this week’s list to ten! This is Emmy week here at JuniorTV and it begins with this week’s Most Wanted List! It’s all down below:

1. The 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards

TV’s biggest night is finally here! Will ‘Modern Family’ take home the Best Comedy Emmy for the second year in-a-row? Will ‘Boardwalk Empire’ finally end Mad Men’s three-year streak for Best Drama? And who will win the hotly-contested Best Actor in a Drama category?

2. Big Brother – Season Finale

In what could be one of the show’s worst possible turnouts, Big Brother ends up with 1 Veteran (Rachel), and 2 Newbies (Porsche & Adam) in the final three. The next and final question is: Who will win it all? I’ll make predictions on Wednesday, but it’s not looking to bright for the newbies, even as they outnumber Rachel. I don’t think I’ll be fully satisfied with any winner, but I hope and pray that it’s not Adam! Tune in Wednesday to see who is crowned the winner of $500,000!

3. Ringer – Series Premiere

Sarah Michelle Gellar returns to television in The CW’s only hope for a hit show this season. Gellar plays a woman who plays her twin sister in a world completely opposite of her character. Confused? Yeah, so am I.

4. Survivor: South Pacific – Season Premiere

Last year marked ratings lows for CBS’ hit series. Could it rebound this year? We’ll see, as two former cast members return for another chance at a million dollars. I haven’t seen the show in the last few years, but I will begin to watch again, as I need some kind of quality-reality fix throughout the Fall.

5. Real Time with Bill Maher – Season Premiere

THANK GOD HE’S BACK! I need his hilarious insight on politics, especially these insanely boring Republican debates! This is a must-see show for anyone remotely interested in politics.

6. Up All Night – Series Premiere

The star-studded new comedy starring Will Arnett, Christina Applegate, and Maya Rudolph premieres on Wednesday, and with those three, I have to at least give it a chance!

7. The Vampire Diaries – Season Premiere

Will Stefan ever return to his good ways? Will Jeremy keep seeing his dead ex-girlfriends? What about Caroline and her twisted relationships with Matt and Tyler? We’ll get answers, as season 3 of The CW’s best show returns on Thursday!

8. Free Agents – Series Premiere

The other comedy on Wednesday nights for NBC, the Hank Azaria-starring ‘Free Agents’ is about two trying a new kind of relationship: co-workers with benefits. What could possibly go wrong?

9. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia – Season Premiere

FX’s long-running comedy is back, and I haven’t seen one episode of it. Since I’ll be tuning in seven seasons late, I’m bound not to get the jokes, but I’m willing to figure them out. This show is a modern cult classic, and early reviews are nothing but raves. Season 7 of ‘Sunny’ premieres this Wednesday on FX.

10. Parenthood – Season Premiere

Season 3 is business as usual for the busy and large family that is the Bravermans. Will this be the show’s breakout year? We’ll see. Many cast members were this close to getting some Emmy nominations.

That’s a wrap! Come back next week where we will see more Fall shows premiere and more on the Most Wanted List!

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The CW Schedule Welcomes New Show From Vampire Diaries Creator, CBS Reject ‘Ringer, and More!


As the Fall schedule posts come to a close, we land on the little network that hasn’t broken out (and might not), The CW. They unveiled 4 new shows, 1 reality, and the rest are scripted. In a smart and strategic move, The CW has moved freshman drama ‘Nikita’ to Fridays for season 2, filling in the void that has been left by ‘Smallville,’ which ended its run last Friday. Replacing ‘Nikita’ on the Thursday 9 PM slot is the new Kevin Williamson series ‘The Secret Circle,’ which (as I mentioned before) has been strategically placed after another Kevin Williamson series, the highly-successful series that is ‘The Vampire Diaries’. Also, the network has picked up its first medical drama, ‘Heart of Dixie,’ by ‘Chuck’ creator Josh Schwartz and ‘Gossip Girl’ executive producer Stephanie Savage. ‘Secret Circle’ was set to be the most buzzed about new series for The CW, but declined CBS pilot ‘Ringer’ took all the buzz at this morning’s presentation. Many critics live blogging it called ‘Ringer’ their favorite new drama based on the trailer shown at the upfront, and is definitely on my list to watch for next Fall. The sole new reality series is called ‘H8R’ and is a show that tries to get celebrities to convince people that hate them. Sounds dumb, but it also sounds original; we’ll see how that goes…

As always, here’s a graph of how The CW will look this fall, with the graph provided by Entertainment Weekly.

(As always, thanks EW.com!)


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Most Wanted List: The Vampire Diaries (Finally) Returns!


This week, one of TV’s best dramas returns from a long hiatus, as well as the final new shows from the Midseason. Without further interruption, here’s the list!

1. Return of The Vampire Diaries

The last new episode was 6 weeks ago, but it feels as if we’ve been waiting longer than the lifespan of the Salvatore brothers. We were left with a big cliffhanger as Isobel rang in the door in the episodes final minute, and it kept me and millions suspenseful and shocked (along with the deaths of witches Jonas and Luka.) with the return episode, were going to get new details on everything from Isobel, to Caroline’s situation with Matt, to Bonnie and Jeremy. This one’s a must watch for the week.

2. Friday Night Lights’ Final Season DVD

I try to give attention to this show as much as possible, and these are just one of those moments. I’m still dreading the final season, because I truly don’t know how I’ll react to the finale. The DVD includes music from the series (which is fantastic) and behind the scenes stuff that any FNL fan would gladly pay for in a heartbeat.

3. iCarly iOMG

There has been only 1 landmark episode of the Nickelodeon hit sitcom (iSaved Your Life) and it seems that the producers are going to strive for that again. ‘iOMG’ is going to tackle very serious problems with Sam showing and getting affection, and we will finally see Sam’s true colors this Saturday night. I can’t wait to watch this.

4. Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory

This show is so much fun. If I ever had the job that this guy has, it would be a teen guy’s dream come true. All they do is play around in a huge warehouse, and somehow, they make the show very interesting. This show along with ‘RJ Berger’ is paradise. In tonight’s season 4 premiere, Justin Bieber joins in on the fun as well as the return of Big Black with Rob. Two words: Hell Yeah

5. America’s Best Dance Group Season 7

This show has gone down in greatness in the last few years and I’m truly hoping that this year the show will have a comeback. Omarion’s doing an Ellen DeGeneres and is leaving the show after just one season, and a new judge is coming in. Also, they’re going to play music from artists like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, and The Black Eyed Peas. I’ll give it a try.

That’s a wrap! Make sure you come right back here next week for fresh new Most Wanted List!

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Most Wanted List: Oscar Nominations!


A new week, a new list, and it’s the hardest one yet. I spent a lot of time deciding who should grab the #1 spot, and at the end, entertainment won. Here’s this weeks Most Wanted List:

1. Oscar Nominations

The Golden Globes are just to have fun, the SAGs are good too, but the Academy rules, and tomorrow is the big day to see who got the deserving nominations and who got the undeserved snub. Expect to see [my all-time favorite] The Social Network to get a ton of nominations and Toy Story 3 to get a nod for Best Picture, which would be the first time that an animated film has gotten a Best Picture nomination two years in a row. You’ll have to wake up a bit early, the nominations will be announced at 8:38 A.M (EST) sharp.

2. The Vampire Diaries

The most underrated show on television returns on Wednesday, with major questions being answered in it’s first episode of 2011. **SPOILER ALERT** We will find out Rose’s fate by the end of this weeks episode, and we will see how Damon develops human feelings, which is a huge change from his original heartless character. The Vampire Diaries returns this Thursday at 8 EST on The CW.

3. 17th Annual SAG Awards

Even though it’s not the Oscars, these people know how to nominate! If you read the nominations, it’s like the Golden Globes, but better. They too nominate both television and film, and their nominations should look similar to what will be announced. Tomorrow morning. The Screen Actors Guild actually nominated movies that were good and for that, I thank you. The 17th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards, airs this Sunday at 8 PM EST on TNT and TBS.

4.Oprah’s Big Secret

It’s already out, but people were speculating all weekend about it, and it’s probably going to be a topic of discussion all this week across all talk and news shows. Oprah has a half sister that she didn’t know until last October, and the secret was kept from her for over 40 years. In total, Oprah has 3 other half siblings, which means that Oprah’s mom had 4 separate babies with 4 separate men. This proves something about Oprah’s mother: She had a lot of action in her day.

5. Woot!

Everyone has one of those websites where you just type the address and look at the site, then quickly close; this is mine. Woot! as the first deal-per-day website and has been up since 2004. The website posts one great deal per day and everything is different, from vacuums to snuggies to something called dirt seasonings. Even though you will probably get one of their deals in a blue moon, it’s always interesting to see what they put up for the day.

That’s a wrap for this week! Stay tuned next Monday for a fresh new Most Wanted List!

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The CW Moves Hellcats to A New Night


There are lots of news coming out today from The CW. They have now decided to move their freshman drama Hellcats (which has performed very well in the ratings for CW) to Tuesdays at 9 and adding a reality show in Hellcats’ old spot, making Wednesday an all-reality block for the network. Shredding for the Wedding will be the reality show that will occupy the 9 PM hour on Wednesdays. The 9 PM Tuesday hour is currently occupied by Life Unexpected, the ratings-challenged drama didn’t get a back 9 order, pretty much giving it a death sentence. I’ve said it from the start: Life Unexpected would not survive this season, and I don’t want to be mean, but I told you so! Life Unexpected is going to air it’s season (cough—series) finale on January 18th at 9. Also, The CW released their Midseason schedule today, so we have return dates! 90210 and Gossip Girl return with new episodes Monday, January 24. One Tree Hill returns January 25th at 8 and Hellcats returns to it’s new night at 9. On Thursday, January 27th, The Vampire Diaries and Nikita return with brand new episodes. Smallville and Supernatural return on Friday in their respective 8 & 9 PM slots. Then almost a month after all of those returns, America’s Next Top Model starts a new cycle and Shredding for the Wedding premieres on Wednesday, February 26th. Stay tuned for schedules from NBC, including the long awaited return of Parks and Recreation!

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